Thursday, April 3

Just Say "NO"

Why is it so hard to just say no to doing things, when you are completely overcommitted?

That is my question for today.

Today we are getting a new dog. Right. A new dog. A third dog. Long story and I am not going there right now. I have James over today too. Good thing I went to the gym at THE CRACK OF DAWN - literally, but I got that out of the way. I need to book hotel rooms, buy Disney tickets, clean the upstairs, cancel Hannah's bed (because it is back ordered and won't be here til the end of June) do some laundry, organize the game room, look online for a new bed for Hannah, get everything ready for this weekends soccer game and swim meet (towels, uniforms, swimsuits, caps, power bars, Gatorade etc), pick up and drop off kids where they need to be............and pick up 'said' dog.

So what gives, today? Garrin's swim lesson. I feel awful/guilty for calling Debbie today and cancelling.

Today is no different that any other day I suppose. I actually thrive on being overcommitted, my life has always been overcommitted, and most times my days go by unknowingly overcommitted. So why do I feel so bad today about cancelling a lesson?


Jerolyn said...

Are you off your rocker lady?!'s the WAY TO GO! Try it you'll like it! Do not feel guilty about taking some "me" time and by "me" I mean "you" time. By the way 5:30 AM is more like the BUTT crack of dawn!!!

Kim said...

You need to lose the guilt. You'd be surprised that nobody minds as much as you think they might when you say no.

Anonymous said...

Ok, here you go: put your kids on the bus, take Garrin out of swimming, have a meet-free weekend, leave the gate open so the new dog dissappears. And then you can ENJOY yourself by using some of that extra time for YOU.