Monday, April 7

I've Been Tagged

5 Classes I Wish They Would've Taught In School

Thanks to Redhead in Vegas for this. I am coming off a busy, busy weekend, and this was a fun little thing to think about. My responses are truly relative to my weekend.

1. Refereeing 101

This class would prepare you for school mornings, rides in the car, trips to Albertsons, walks around the neighborhood, shopping at the mall, cleaning the house, swimming in the pool, watching TV, playing with the dogs, Garrin, video games, board games, friends, eating, drinking, .....breathing...............pretty much existing..................and having three kids - let me knock that down to two kids.............that absolutely fight over every frickin thing you could possibly think of.

2. The Upside to Over Commitment

This class would show you how to find the joy in cooking, cleaning, taking care of one husband, three kids, three dogs, a huge house, a backyard, attending PTA, soccer games, swim meets, speech therapy, more swimming, swim team meetings, 6 days a week to and from the pool 2 times a day, homework, school projects, laundry, laundry, did I say laundry, rearranging rooms, throwing shit out, all the while, trying to keep room in the truck to actually sit down, clearing a path upstairs to actually walk to my bedroom, scrubbing toilets, steam cleaning carpets, grocery shopping and getting to the gym.

3. OCD and It's Advantages

This class proves to you that having OCD CAN be a healthy way of life, because it would bring out in the open how many people actually have OCD and don't even realize it. It shows that you are not a psycho for lining things up in the pantry and alphabetizing your kids bookcase, and folding towels and clothes a certain way and having all your hangers the same width apart....and so on and so forth.

4. Getting Older and Belly Fat

This would be most important for one to realize REAL EARLY in life, that is sucks to get older (have a hysterectomy) and just sit back and watch the fat pile onto your mid-section. It would teach you early that this is just the basic fact and that it doesn't matter how friggin early you get up and go to the gym every day and do a spinning class that totally kicks your booty, but not enough to shrink its size, are gonna have to live with the jiggle - and learn to like it!

5. Psychiatry vs. Blogging

This class would in the end, save people a ton of money on seeing a shrink. It would show you that you could cope with almost anything, if you just sat down at your computer (constantly and obsessively) and just write about all the crap that goes on in your life - funny, good, bad, not so funny - whatever. Getting it all out and sharing can be quite beneficial and could actually help you stay sane.


Allison said...

I need to take a nap after reading this, all of the driving and cleaning and laundry has made me exhausted! Hey, I say, "keep up the fighting and NO FREAKING DISNEYLAND!!" And the belly fat class, well, you are silly, beacuse I have been thinking you look GREAT every time I see you! In fact, I got myself back on the treadmill today, inspired by images of you spinning your heart out!

Jerolyn said...

Thank the good lord above we did not attend the same imaginary classes. Your type A, OCD personality would probably melt into a puddle of goo if you even saw the way my house looks today. GOO I TELL YA...GOO!

Kim said...

Sign me up....

Redhead in Vegas said...

hi gini-
i just made my blog private. totally annoying. if you would like to keep reading let me know and i will add you as a reader. i will need your email. if not, np. i'll keep reading yours.