Tuesday, April 29

Gone in 60 Seconds

That was a movie, right? Well it was pretty much how a portion of this morning went. Started off lovely - hit the gym, came home to an awesome pot of coffee, had a healthy breakfast, made by my husband, outside with Bill and the kids. Then as we loaded up in the car to head out for school - it was 60 seconds of this:

Me "Let's go Garrin, we HAVE to take the kids to school. Hold on Connor, I will fix that seat for you."

Connor "I can do it myself!!!" (struggling to put up seat)....
Hannah "GARRIN, stop crying."
Connor - struggle, struggle
Me "Connor, WAIT and I will do it."

Connor "I SAID, I can do it myself."
Me "Hannah, don't yell at the baby like that..."
Hannah "Fine Connor, do it yourself."

Me "That's right Mr. Smartypants, you do it and we will just wait here, not help you, and you can all be late for school, just so you can be stubborn and not get help."

Connor "You don't have to be so snotty Hannah."
Hannah "I wasn't being snotty CONNOR."

Me "Garrin, PLEASE, get in this seat so I can buckle you in"
Hannah "Connor!"

Connor "HANNAH!!!"
And then instantly, Connor got the seat up and Garrin stopped crying........
Things can only get better.


Kim said...


Allison said...

That little tear on Garrin's face is so SAD!!!

Jerolyn said...

My kids NEVER fight...EVER. It's all loves and hugs and kisses and compliments allll day long and into the night...
Then I am rudely awaken by the screaming and hair pulling!

Redhead in Vegas said...

oh boy, no fun. ryan has days like that too, but she's an only child. do you think i should be worried?


have a better day!

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