Wednesday, April 2

April Fools

What are you kidding, you thought I might actually give this up???? No way. It is too much fun for me. Thanks to all the comments.

Allison - you were truly pissed off.

Redhead - you and I would get along realllllll well!!

Jer - you nailed it, my sista!

Bill - love you baby, more than words. and take Allison's advice. comment on more blogs, more often.

Erica - good call - you know me, huh?


Kim said...

I knew you were full of it. I read your post last night, but figured I'd wait for today's post saying it was an April Fool's joke. Nicely done!

Tutta la Storia said...

It was just so hard for me . . . (sob) (snif) (sob) you know, I mean, I can't take any joy in beating you in the number of posts in a month if you don't play with me!!!

Redhead in Vegas said...

since we would get along "real well" you won't flinch when i say i have one word for you:


LOL! ok, 2 words.