Wednesday, April 2

April Fools

What are you kidding, you thought I might actually give this up???? No way. It is too much fun for me. Thanks to all the comments.

Allison - you were truly pissed off.

Redhead - you and I would get along realllllll well!!

Jer - you nailed it, my sista!

Bill - love you baby, more than words. and take Allison's advice. comment on more blogs, more often.

Erica - good call - you know me, huh?


Kim said...

I knew you were full of it. I read your post last night, but figured I'd wait for today's post saying it was an April Fool's joke. Nicely done!

Allison said...

It was just so hard for me . . . (sob) (snif) (sob) you know, I mean, I can't take any joy in beating you in the number of posts in a month if you don't play with me!!!

Redhead in Vegas said...

since we would get along "real well" you won't flinch when i say i have one word for you:


LOL! ok, 2 words.