Wednesday, April 30

Instant Gratification

I am 42 (almost 43) years old, and have NEVER had long hair. Even as a kid. Many futile attempts to grow it out has always ended in a very panicked call to my hair stylist with the words "I NEED MY HAIR CUT IMMEDIATELY!"

Then last year, a little over a year ago, I knew I was going to have a hysterectomy, so I knew I wanted to change things up a little in my life - I was questioning my mortality - so before I kicked the bucket, I knew there where a few things on the "to-do list". So

a. I got a tattoo and
b. I decided to grow my hair out for once........really...

And now at this point in my life - one more thing on the list I am working on - GET HEALTHY, LOSE WEIGHT, and try to regain some semblance of the once 20 year old body I had.........

Well my friends - that is taking a lot FRIGGIN LONGER THAN I ANTICIPATED.

But now that my hair is long(er) I can find instant gratification in changing up that look. I have never had curly hair either - or straightened - or a pony tail or what have you.

How fun for me now..................while I wait for the lean, (gulp), sexy, (choke) healthy (sniff) body to appear.

I'm waiting!!!!!!!...............

Tuesday, April 29

Gone in 60 Seconds

That was a movie, right? Well it was pretty much how a portion of this morning went. Started off lovely - hit the gym, came home to an awesome pot of coffee, had a healthy breakfast, made by my husband, outside with Bill and the kids. Then as we loaded up in the car to head out for school - it was 60 seconds of this:

Me "Let's go Garrin, we HAVE to take the kids to school. Hold on Connor, I will fix that seat for you."

Connor "I can do it myself!!!" (struggling to put up seat)....
Hannah "GARRIN, stop crying."
Connor - struggle, struggle
Me "Connor, WAIT and I will do it."

Connor "I SAID, I can do it myself."
Me "Hannah, don't yell at the baby like that..."
Hannah "Fine Connor, do it yourself."

Me "That's right Mr. Smartypants, you do it and we will just wait here, not help you, and you can all be late for school, just so you can be stubborn and not get help."

Connor "You don't have to be so snotty Hannah."
Hannah "I wasn't being snotty CONNOR."

Me "Garrin, PLEASE, get in this seat so I can buckle you in"
Hannah "Connor!"

Connor "HANNAH!!!"
And then instantly, Connor got the seat up and Garrin stopped crying........
Things can only get better.

Monday, April 28

....and that came from WHERE????

This post is not for:

The weak at heart. Do not view this if you are pregnant, or planning to become pregnant. Those who have back problems or heart problems, should not ride this ride. Or if you have nausea, heartburn, indigestion, upset stomach, diarrhea. Anyone who is a neat freak, and/or has a house cleaner.



Now, lets pan out a bit:

And now lets add a little perspective as to the size of this thing:

This may be the BIGGEST, GROSSEST dust bunny I have ever seen. And I think it came from under the piece of furniture it is next to...........

How 'bout that pedicure ??

Sunday, April 27

Sunday Night Was...

the cherry on top
the last hurrah
with whipped cream on top - hell-uv-a-great-way-to-end-the-weekend.

Hectic is the word for the last couple of days. 2 excruciatingly long days at a swim meet, soccer, birthday party, hockey game, home show, yadda yadda yadda. I really just wanted to grill some food and hang out at home; me, Bill and the kids. So we did just that, enjoying how pretty the backyard is. New potted plants, new trees, the pool pump fixed so it isn't deafening to stay outside for any extended period of time, our newly shop-vac-ed decking, flowers, and the incredibly gorgeous weather outside.

So Bill grilled and Hannah made her very first salad - a.l.l. b.y. h.e.r.s.e.l.f!!! She was thrilled.

How fancy! She called this her Italian salad. She asked for fresh basil and parsley from our little herb garden. Taa Daa.
And check out these gooey, cheesy cheeseburgers Bill made.....

and the grilled chicken breasts for his lunch tomorrow....

After dinner we started a fire in the fire pit and made smores.........mmmmmmm mmmmmm.. Even Lucy wants to partake in some of it.......

Connor likes the marshmallows NOT toasted, but wanted to put them over the fire just the same. I ate them.....

The kids actually splashed around in the pool a bit. Brrrr (Until its like 90) and we just hung out with the dogs in front of the fire. Lucy and Bill in a staring contest.

These dogs know who loves them the best......

Bill and Garrin.

Great way to call it A WEEKEND. Not too many nights like this one.

Saturday, April 26

What did you say??

After today's swim meet, I took Hannah and myself for a treat - we had a pedicure. I don't know how it is in other parts of the country, but here, most of the nail salons are owned and run by Asians. And here it doesn't matter, male or female, they both give AWESOME pedicures!!

Now the names of these salons vary - Happy Nails, Signature Nails, Pretty Nails, Harmony Nails, Allure Nails, and my all time favorite Nails 'R Us (Hannah actually thought they sold nuts and bolts and screws and nails there).

So today we tried Signature Nails - just opened up by the house.

So we are sitting there and all the employees and "chatting amongst themselves" know what I am their own language.
All I could do was sit back, smile and just imagine what the hell they were talking about.
"Ahhhh, look this lady feet. They so bad, all these callous...."
"I cannot believe she pay to have a little girl pedicure"
"These American's think they good at painting nail. Look this bad brown color all over the toes too"
"Yah, she read the magazine and hope to lose 10 pounds belly fat in 10 day.....yah, right"
"I don't think she shave the legs for two or three week"
"I can't believe she so cheap, she don't want SPA pedicure for 45 dolla"
"This little girl got big muscle in her legs"
"She move around so much. I hate when they have ticklish feet"
"I wonder if they saw news special on dirty salon instrument"
"I bet little girl smear polish before she leave"
I love pedicures regardless. Great job, people. See you in a couple weeks!!!

Friday, April 25

How do I love thee...?

............ Let me count the ways.
I love thee to the depth and breadth and height
My soul can reach, when feeling out of sight
For the ends of being and ideal grace.
I love thee to the level of every day's
Most quiet need, by sun and candle-light.
I love thee freely, as men strive for right.
I love thee purely, as they turn from praise.
I love thee with the passion put to use
In my old griefs, and with my childhood's faith.
I love thee with a love I seemed to lose
With my lost saints. I love thee with the breath,
Smiles, tears, of all my life; and, if God choose,
I shall but love thee better after death.
-- Elizabeth Barrett Browning

I talked to Bill on the phone this morning and chatted about what I had on my agenda for today - tidying up a bit before Garrin's speech therapist got here, etc etc ....So I said "Gosh, I have nothing to blog about today......". So he said "Why don't you write about how much we love each other...." No really, he said that. So much to his chagrin, I remembered the poem above and am hereby dedicating it to my awesome husband whom I love more than life itself.

So as I was tidying up I thought I would also SHOW him how much I love him by putting it in "writing".

Here you go baby. My love written in the 4 inches of dust that is our home sweet home.

And look - I even wrote it on the mirror in our master bath with lipstick..............sigh............

SH*T. Now I have to wash a perfectly clean mirror!

Thursday, April 24

Wicked Witch of the West

I guess after yesterday, that is my new label. As mom's, we wear many hats. And with this job, comes all the various labels we at some point will have pinned on us. So be it.

It's 3:20 yesterday and Garrin and I are waiting for Hannah and Connor to come out to the car from school, so we can head down to the pool. Connor gets to the car, and we start chatting about his day at school. They had Field Day, and so he was telling me about all the fun things he did. Slowly the parking area is clearing out, car by car, until low and behold, we are the only vehicle left and I am wondering - where the heck is Hannah???

With all the drama that accompanies being a fifth grader these days, I am starting to worry...

Then my cell phone rings and it is the school's number on the caller ID.


"Mom??? (sob, sob..........snort...........sob.................)"

and this continued on for what seemed to be 10 minutes.............

As I am yelling at her to calm down we are talking, I drive to the front of the school.

Long story short.

The kids PE teacher asked for 3 volunteers from the 5th grade to help with the 1st and 2nd graders Field Day activities. Hannah and her two buddies from the concert volunteered, but neglected to tell their teacher. When it was over and time to go back to class, they got in trouble.


in trouble 1. discovered in wrongdoing and liable to be punished

The teacher made it clear to them that she was extremely upset with them for not letting her know where/when/why they were not in class.

As she should have, I believe. Hannah was humiliated by getting in trouble. She also "thought" I would be mad. She was completely and utterly-out-of-control-sobbing, blubbering, whatever-you-want-to-call-it-upset. She told everyone around her that she was so afraid that I was going to ground her - take her swimming away......etc, etc............

Funny thing is a kid who rarely gets in trouble.....rarely......

When I do "ground her" - I threaten - but never follow through.

Shame on me. You may attach my new name tag to me now.

PS Jerolyn - Thanks for loving my daughter enough to call me and check on her....

Wednesday, April 23

Isn't it great

to be 2, wake up in your new SpongeBob Jammies (that match your older brothers....say it with me..."awwwww") and not wonder about the 473 things you need to do today? Oh, and have gorgeous blue eyes, to boot?

I am soooo, not complaining. But check out my sister-in-law's post for today. I am so proud of her!

Tuesday, April 22

A momentary feeling of depression...

Dang it!

When is this:

gonna feel like this:
Keep working out Gini, keep working out Gini, keep working out Gini..........
OK I feel better.

Monday, April 21


.........did I wind up with kids that do things I WOULD NEVER EVER DO??????

Like for instance swim 2 hours every day, back and forth, back and forth, back and forth...

or climb a rock wall at Dicks that is two stories high????

Sunday, April 20

Better than I thought

I happened to stumble upon a small little write up about an upcoming concert featuring Drake Bell - a 21 year old actor/singer who starred in a hysterical show on Nickelodeon called Drake and Josh. Of all the shows the kids watch on Disney Channel and Nickelodeon, I always thought this show was really funny. Anyhoo. I knew Hannah would love to go so I got 4 tickets for last nights show.
This was held in an outdoor amphitheater. It was very windy last night but we sat in the covered section and it was still quite nice. Here is Hannah with Alex and Sydney, whom she has been joined at the hip for a few months now......

This is during the concert where EVERY KID THERE had out their cell phones or cameras....taking videos or pictures...

Having fun...

Just before I shot this quick little video clip, I was laughing to myself thinking....Hannah's second choice for her electives next year was band.......playing the trumpet...........(now how the hell she came up with that - I have no idea! But whatever...)
She can't find the beat.....I guess no one else can either......

I had downloaded a movie onto my iPod thinking I was going to watch that instead of the concert, but it turned out to be a pretty great show for everyone there!!

Friday, April 18

I'll pay for this later...

but I couldn't resist taking this little video (extremely poor quality) of Garrin. There were 10 of us gathered around our kitchen island eating pizza. Apparently Garrin was a little sleepy....

Thursday, April 17

Bed Head

Gotta love it!

You also gotta love going to bed in the clothes you had soccer practice in......

Wednesday, April 16


we are home! It is always good to come home.

The weather in California could not have been any better - sunny and warm. And no better place to enjoy the great day than at the Happiest Place on Earth. I truly think it is, anyway. How awesome that we can drive 3 1/2 hours and be at Disneyland????

Anyway, I brought Hannah, Connor and my niece Jenna to enjoy a couple of days of fun while Jenna is here from Connecticut visiting.

Here they are the first day at the entrance to the park. Ready to go, sunglasses on hand....

This was the inside of Tower of Terror which was one of my their favorite rides!!! We rode it both days!!
Here is Hannah at California Adventure, climbing....

Jenna on the Carousel at California Adventure:

Connor, the only calm one, on the Ferris Wheel at California Adventure:

Again, one of my the kids favorite ride - Space Mountain - they screamed before, during and after............holy cow!

This was yesterdays ride on the Grizzly River Run. We all rode on Monday and I got ABSOLUTELY SOAKING WET THROUGH AND I opted to not ride yesterday. If you look close you can see the kids.

It was a fantastic couple of days. Back to "all things real".