Friday, March 7

The Word From The Bird

Connor was cranked today. Even though he couldn't make the scene tonight the the Annual Sock Hop, he knew he wanted to be on the stick and wear some hip threads. He was one cool cat. A greaser for sure!

On the other hand, his sister, Hannah had to be an oddball and be a party pooper. She definitely didn't go ape over getting chrome plated for school. At least she didn't get frosted!

Connor just planned on having an unreal day even though Hannah was a wet rag. Before we cut out for school, Connor had me take some boss pictures.

We then left our pad and burned rubber, flat out, all the way to school.

1 comment:

Jerolyn said...

so cute, my girls want to be "all decked out" for tonights shindig! Why are you not coming?