Tuesday, March 4

What do you get...

..............when Diego is on the same show as Dora?

A peaceful lunch.

He didn't even dunk his corn dog in ketchup because that would mean he'd have to take his eyes off the television for a second...
And speaking of lunch. Well, meals......
I have noticed that a lot of blogs list "This weeks menu" on them - in particular my sister-in-law. So I have put this weeks meals on my side-bar.
Here is an better insight as to what we are actually eating.
Monday - Leftovers
Tuesday - Leftover pasta from the mac and cheese made into a cold pasta salad with whatever is in the pantry and kielbasa grilled
Wednesday - Pork Roast that is already seasoned thrown in the Crock Pot with those annoying little tiny pototoes that Garrin keeps throwing all over the place
Thursday - Sea Bass baked and then topped with some salsa I need to use up before it gets bad and some rice
Friday - The easiest CARB LOADING meal for two kids that are swimming in a meet all weekend
So that's it. Keepin' it real here. No time this week for anything fancy dancy.


Anonymous said...

funny post...keep keepin it real yo

Anonymous said...

"Fancy dancy"????