Tuesday, March 4

What do you get...

..............when Diego is on the same show as Dora?

A peaceful lunch.

He didn't even dunk his corn dog in ketchup because that would mean he'd have to take his eyes off the television for a second...
And speaking of lunch. Well, meals......
I have noticed that a lot of blogs list "This weeks menu" on them - in particular my sister-in-law. So I have put this weeks meals on my side-bar.
Here is an better insight as to what we are actually eating.
Monday - Leftovers
Tuesday - Leftover pasta from the mac and cheese made into a cold pasta salad with whatever is in the pantry and kielbasa grilled
Wednesday - Pork Roast that is already seasoned thrown in the Crock Pot with those annoying little tiny pototoes that Garrin keeps throwing all over the place
Thursday - Sea Bass baked and then topped with some salsa I need to use up before it gets bad and some rice
Friday - The easiest CARB LOADING meal for two kids that are swimming in a meet all weekend
So that's it. Keepin' it real here. No time this week for anything fancy dancy.


yo bruhva said...

funny post...keep keepin it real yo

Lidia Bastianich said...

"Fancy dancy"????