Friday, March 21

We Are *here*

*here* being San Diego.

We left a little later than expected this morning, because it was a morning that all 5 of us could sleep in. So we did. Hallalujah!


5 hours later - San Diego CA. We originally planned to stay in Santa Monica, but last minute decided to hit the San Diego Zoo instead. We'll probably catch a beach some where on Sunday, most likely Coronado - which is very beautiful and fairly close by.

We got here without incident, but then as soon as it was time to get some dinner I don't know what happened. I (the driver) am usually quite good at getting us around - especially in the Expedition. Why is it, that when there are a gazillion different places to eat - there is nothing that appeals to all involved??

So here it is -

1. I was pretty much NEVER in the lane I was supposed to be in. I almost got us killed numerous times, changing lanes to get to the right spot. The B**ch on my navigation was getting me all screwed up - I have said all along it should be a guy talking to me!!!!

2. We drove down to the GasLamp District to see if something appealed to us there and decided to come back WITHOUT THE KIDS - someday....

3. We could have eaten at PF Changs, Fudrukkers, Mimi's Cafe, Pei Wei, Chipotle, Kings' Fish House, Joes Crab Shack, California Pizza Kitchen, TGIFridays, Chevys, South of the Border, Baja Fresh, Carl's Jr., Gordon Biersch, Sammy's Woodfired Pizza, and many many more places........but ended up eating at the hotel (blech......) restaurant at 9pm because I was just sick and tired of driving aimlessly and trying to find a pizza joint for Connor that didn't have a 2 hour wait and one that I could pull into safely without getting hit because all my kid wants is stupid-pizza.

4. As we drove around and we passed every Hilton property, I knew that Bill wondered "if it was better than the one we actually checked into". I hate that.

5. After we drove back to the hotel to eat, I contemplated pulling into the parking garage that said "Maximum height of 6ft". Am I 6 feet?, am I not 6 feet?, am I 6 feet?, am I not 6 feet?......Bill yelled at me not to and when we got out, he showed me that HE is 6'1" and the truck is definitely WAY taller than he is. Good call on his part.

So I got out of the truck and vowed to not drive for the rest of the weekend. We may be stuck in the hotel because Bill just hates driving - especially my truck.

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Kim said...

Hope you were able to have fun the rest of the weekend. Happy Easter!