Wednesday, March 19

Wake Up And Smell The.......

....well, today it would be..


But that's OK - because some days you just can't beat that clean fresh smell. Ever since C and A turned me on to Clorox Green Works, man, they clean fantastic and the smell is awesome. I was close to venturing into buying the pourable liquid one, but....
nothing says a clean toilet like Pine-Sol. You know what I'm sayin'.........don't you? I love to walk into my house and it could be totally trashed beyond recognition, but if I smell Pine Sol I know the potty's are CLEAN, CLEAN, that~~

And today, the family room carpet got done. I love being able to see what dirty slobs we really are all the grime get lifted from the carpets...............yah.
Getting back to smelling the roses - or flowers - here are a few I have been enjoying the last few days.

PS I played with the macro setting on my camera for these. Thanks Allison.

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Allison said...

Wow! Those roses are gorgeous! I just ventured over here from my site after playing with the Macro and skipping around the back yard like an idiot!