Tuesday, March 11

Too Good To Be True

Connor and Bill went bowling last night ( with the Las Vegas Wranglers hockey team. It is one of their benefits of being season ticket holders - they get the chance to get up close and personal with the players. And since there is nothing on this planet that my kid loves more than hockey - how could I object.......even if it

So they rolled in about MIDNIGHT, and knowing my son like I do - he had to catch a little Sports Center on TV before falling asleep so who the heck knows what time he actually fell asleep. I opted to let him sleep a half hour later this morning before waking him for school. When he did get up, I was SO VERY SURPRISED and DELIGHTED. He was in a jolly mood, ready to go, and with the 1/2 hour less to get ready, was able to do so, with no problem. He even looked like he slept long and well!

Now let's fast forward to this afternoon:


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Allison said...

Hey! I saw that zombie/ghoul/scary guy here at my house on Sunday! It was huffing and puffing and sputtering the whole fifteen minutes that it was in the house. What did it do? Did it EAT Connor?