Thursday, March 6

Say....What Did You Do Tonight?

Let's just start with what I didn't do:

Go to the gym
Watch American Idol
Enjoy a nice a cup of coffee
Play with Garrin
Talk to Connor about his day
Sit back on the couch and relax with Bill

Here is what I did do:


This entailed these guys:

**So ask me how much of the United States Presidents I actually remember......Zippo

**Ask me how much of this information I have used, lets say, in the last 20 years of my life....Zero

**Ask me then, how much of this stuff I really even care about/have time to care about....Zilch

So I have been sitting on this computer, since dinner finished, on the INTERNETS (thank you, President Bush) using THE GOOGLE (thanks again, Mr. President!) googling about 486 questions regarding the presidents, their terms, true/false questions, vice presidents and this stinking list goes on and on and on.......I just want to friggin' shoot myself right about now - oh, yeah, assassinations - looked up those too!

Hannah, I would rather scrub floors all day (wait, I actually like doing that) I would rather go to the gym (wait, I was going to go to the gym, wasn't I?) I would rather jump in the pool naked right now, than EVER EVER...............E.V.E.R help you with your homework AGAIN. That just SUCKED.

And by the way - YOU OWE ME BIG TIME!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


Jerolyn said...

I feel ya, I feel ya!

Jerolyn said...

p.s. is that side menu FOR REAL? For if it is, I'm gonna give you so much crap!

Jerolyn said...

sorry me again but for instance...
Steamed Chilean Sea Bass topped with a Mango Chutney on a bed of Parsley Jasmine Rice?????

What in the hell is that?

At our house that translates into fish sticks with some fruit and
Rice~a~roni! It is the San Francisco treat you know!

The Institute for Caregiver Education said...

Uh, yeah, Jerolyn, that menu is a "bust my SIL" for her "fancy dancy" menus. And Gini, now that you are such a President expert, maybe you can finally beat Kimmy at Jeopardy! "I'll take Presidents for $1,200 Alex!"

Allison said...

Oops, that's me

Anonymous said...

George Bush didnt invent the can thank AL GORE for that!!!

Chris said...

DEAR MIL ...No, president Bush is just the idiot who visits "the google" on "the internets".