Sunday, March 9

Sat., Sun., Sunrise, Swimming and a Surprise

Just add in a little soccer practice, spaghetti, and a splitting headache and that about ssssssums up our weekend..............

The kids had a meet this weekend. Allison and Chris were nice enough (and courageous enough) to take Garrin all weekend. (Check out the link to their blog on my sidebar to check out what fun THEY all had!!) The meet on Saturday was good, but with having to change the clocks - 5:30 am came oh................. about an HOUR EARLIER this morning!!!!!

Anyway - driving to the pool I stopped to get this shot of Red Rock Canyon area and a snow-capped Mt. Charleston. Bill calls me camera happy.....right now I guess I am. Gonna play with this one a little on Photoshop during the week. Damn it was early.

The kids made the transition to early dawn, instead of the usual crack of dawn, better than I did. And I can honestly say, I wouldn't be caught dead swimming in a pool that early - EVER!

Here are a couple of shots from their warmup. No, I don't take any action shots of their actual events anymore because I am too busy screaming my fool head off cheering them on!

Here is Connor doing freestyle. Shhhhhhh..........don't tell Hannah, but Connor is gonna .........kick..............her.................butt someday in freestyle. He is looking good!

Here is Hannah coming into the wall fooling around with her friends warming up.

And here is the swimmers traditional pose - hanging on the wall, biting their nails. I'd be biting too, if I had to look forward to swimming 20 laps of freestyle for my first event. UGH!

Here is Hannah's friend Nikki. Gotta love the swim cap!

And here is Connor getting ready to practice diving, getting that last little bit of hair tucked in.

OK, these next couple of shots are of me, that a friend of mine took, while I wasn't looking. I don't typically like pictures of myself but this is funny.
Here I am "counting" for Hannah's 500 freestyle (remember, the 20 laps???). You slide this pole in the water and when they come into the wall toward you, they can see the number and know what lap they are on.

Here is me further into the swim. Screaming like a crazy woman.............I couldn't help myself. Go ahead and look at the above photo again, at my friend Jennifer in the brown shirt counting for Nikki. Obviously with Nikki being about a half of a pool length ahead, she doesn't need to go ape-shit like I did....

Anyway. A good meet overall for both kids. Connor took time off of all his events and Hannah had fun. Couldn't have asked for more. Throw in a little soccer practice on Saturday and a whole lotta spaghetti on Friday night and Saturday, and call it a weekend. Right?
Not over yet.
Took this picture after we picked up Garrin at Chris and Allison's. A great shot of the snow on the mountains from their vantage point. Love it.

On arriving back home today, we got a home visit from an Italian Greyhound rescue and look who is now a member of our family..............

This is Mick. We just love him already.

He is 4 months old and an awesome pup. Lucy is LOVING having a playmate.

More pictures and updates to follow!


Anonymous said...

Nice Dog.

Anonymous said...

Nice job, Hannah & Connor! Gini, I love seeing you go crazy at swim meets! Cute pooch.

Allison said...

Love the kids, love the dog, but my favorite part of this post is the photo of Red Rock. That is stunning. Oh, and as far as report cards go, I covered how they can change the grades when I took Hannah to swimming. That's what Aunts in the graphic design field are for!