Monday, March 10

My Blog has gone to the dogs...for today

I spent the day admiring my dogs. Yup, did a quick run to get a few groceries this morning, but what the heck. Spent the rest of the day hanging with the dogs. You kind of have to when there is a new puppy in the family. I am trying to make sure he follows in Lucy's shoes - and is the best the dog EVER. So we played a lot, went potty outside a lot, snuggled a lot.

Here is Lucy just chillin' outside ('cause we can do that this time of the year in the desert) on "HER" couch. I am assuming that her ears are pinned back either because there are a few birds flying around that are bugging her or just the mere fact that Mick is on "HER" couch and that is bugging her. Regardless, she shared her space quite well.

Chris and Allison's dog Gino does this thing with his ears, which I thought was kind of (here's a Hannah word...) AWKWARD. But Mick looks totally cute doing it!

Look. They are holding paws.................awwwww!!!

And here is the end of a long day of playing, napping, taking a ride in the car, eating................


Allison said...

They are both beautiful! Good idea spending the first 24 hours with him. I am sure that helps him a lot.

Allison said...

And thanks for the dinner invite--we will be there. Should I bring some other IGs I know with me?

Anonymous said...

He looks like he fits in so well there. I'm very happy!!

I refer to that as "wonky ears." It should go away once he's done teething.