Wednesday, March 5

It is great to have "older" kids.

Or it can be at times. You know, they help out a little bit more. Play with Garrin more. Pack their own lunches. Grab a quick snack. Fetch, I mean, grab the newspaper. Whatever. Hannah has even changed Garrin's diapers occasionally, which is always a big help!!

So today, Garrin wakes up earlier than usual. I typically have to wake him and load him right in the car, to get the kids off to school on time. But today, he came downstairs early. I was busy on the computer (no - say it isn't true, Gini???). Garrin came in to give me a quick kiss good morning and off he went into the kitchen with his sister and brother.

I come out to this....this mischievous look on his face.......kind of smirking, I would say.

Hannah decided to fix Garrin some breakfast. And I have a feeling that Garrin was just tickled with what he got to eat this morning.

Gotta love the help around here.

P.S. For the record. I NEVER buy corndogs. Evidently Garrin doesn't mind them 2 days in a row.


Allison said...

Uhhh . . . I think I am going to HURL. Too funny!

Anonymous said...

well balanced meal i'd say...we have the starches (outside corn dog coating), fruits and vegetables (ketchup), and the chocolate group