Friday, March 28

It is all Connor's fault..

We were leaving for school today, and as we were backing out of the driveway Connor said, "I don't know what to write about in my journal today."

So as we headed to school, we were thinking of some things he could write about. I said, "Why don't you write about your cousin James visiting and how he loves to play ball with you. Or write about soccer practice the other night, when you scrimmaged that other team and kicked their booties, or ...."

Just then some song came on the radio that we all dance crazy to, (while I am driving because the kids find that embarrassing so I do it often) and sing to - and we were all just jammin' away, when in my rear view mirror I see flashing lights....

Much to Connor's delight, he said "Now I know what I am going to write about in my journal today!!!" with the biggest s**t-eating grin on his face.

Hannah on the other hand was mortified because she knows that all her friends know our vanity license plate and were probably driving by as I was waiting for my ticket....... The downside to having a fun plate - you are soooo recognizable!


Erica said...

Sooo. why did you get stopped?

Anonymous said...

57 in a 35, ma'am. Can I see your license, registration, and expired insurance card please..step out of the vehicle ma'am.

Redhead in Vegas said...

uh-oh. hope you were able to use the " I have 3 kids in the car and they are driving me crazy" excuse. we all know that it's not true, but mr. police man doesn't need to. hope the ticket wasn't too steep.

Jerolyn said...

You know how I feel about vanity plates soooo on another note
how much was that ticket???

Kim said...

Did you put your insurance card in the truck yet?