Wednesday, March 26

I got "ditched" last night...

...but I guess I was OK with it.

Hannah and I went to visit her new Middle School last night. They had an open house for upcoming 6th graders (holy she really going into 6th grade???) and their parents.

As soon as she caught sight of her friends, she took off running. I swear, it was like they each had this radar-thingy on and knew where and when to find each other. Anyway - the night went very smooth. I guess I was anticipating some nervousness from Hannah - after all she is going from a school of 800 and a 5th grade of 150 to a school with 1640 kids! So lets just do the math and figure approximately 520 - 6th graders. Again I say - holy crap. But she was just so excited to be there and can't wait to NOT have to wear school uniforms, eat in a humongous cafeteria, take all accelerated classes, have a locker and continue to be the social butterfly that she is.

After I thought about it for a while, my nervousness went away - after all, here is a girl that has been competitively swimming for 3 years and has had to keep up with the "big" kids. She holds her own with them, and has learned to "fit in" with them. She has gained more independence than Bill and I realize, by being dropped off for swim workout everyday - for 2 hours - 6 days a week and get done what needs to get done by herself.

I am so proud of her and the confidence she has as a young girl. I am glad that she is affording me relief from this next big step in life............

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Redhead in Vegas said...

holy cow-
there were 110 kids in my high school graduating class. 560 kids in one grade!! oh, i am so not ready for this. hopefully we will be back in nj when ryan goes to school.

btw- i almost died when i read you post about hannah's music. is it wrong to want to lock ryan in a room until she is 18? and i used to work at a club in NYC, so i am definitely NOT a prude. sheesh!