Thursday, March 13

The Final Countdown

Well, here we are folks. A quiet Thursday night and I am just thinking about how glad I am, that as of tomorrow afternoon, my children will be on spring break for a whole week.
If it isn't truth enough that my days mostly consist of who, what, where and when I am toting one, two or all three of my kids somewhere for something that totally has nothing to do with what I would truly be in heaven on earth doing - I am actually looking forward to one whole week, 24/7, non-stop of catering to my beautiful offspring.


No, really - I am excited - Honest!

So I began thinking of a few things that when I think of them, I'm happy and have nothing to do with my kids.

The beautiful sunshine we experience mostly every day!
A tall skinny caramel latte with an extra shot!

Flowers of any kind!

Sushi, sashimi, or rolls of (mostly) any kind!

Thinking about having been/going to a warm tropical beach! (which is why we are going to Santa Monica next Friday - not too tropical, but it will suffice!)

Listening to MY MAN, Seal, over and over and over and over and over and over....!!!!!

Ed Hardy Bag!! Oh wait, that is what I WANT to make me very happy.....ahem.....Bill? You there???
Why am I thinking Happy Things?
'Cause if my house looks like this and the kids aren't on vacation yet:

What the hell is it gonna look like at the end of next week?
PS I know you are wondering "Why does Garrin need 45 ride on toys?". Just don't ask.

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