Sunday, March 16

Are We On Vacation Yet?

A busy-as-usual weekend here at our house. Saturday brought our first Spring Season 2008 soccer game - which - go figure - The Scorpions showed 'em how it's played! Yeah, BABY!!! Bill said the score was something crazy like 12 to 1. My kind of game, only I couldn't be there because 1. The princess had workout and a private lesson and 2. we had a bunch of plants planted out front and I had to be home for that. I will NOT miss the next game.

After everyone made it back home, we got ready to just go right back out again. We met up with a bunch of friends and had dinner at the Hoffbrahaus. (which we love, by the way). I was telling Hannah, what I usually tell her every single solitary sticking fricken day, which is "Do something with your hair please!" Which is 95 percent of the time followed with "or I am going to cut all that hair off". She bent over and all of this was cascading down:

Why, oh why are all those gorgeous waves, just hiding underneath? Why? Why can't all of that be on top of her head when she is standing up straight? How awesome would that be? Maybe I wouldn't have to yell about it so much....

Anyway, here she is with her friend Solomon at dinner. We had a great time - great food, great company.

So today was pretty much spent inside - It was so cold here - brrrrrr - like 50's maybe. I know, shut up Gini, stop your b#&ching. Anyway, hung around the house, played with the dogs, took naps, so on and so forth.

Chris, Allison, and James (and dogs) came over for an honest attempt at a St. Patricks Day meal. Not too bad - I must say.

Thanks for taking home leftovers guys! Need to clear out all the Irish food to make way for the St. Joseph's feast on Wednesday!

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