Monday, March 17

Always A Happy Ending

Could there ever be an end to this mountain of laundry that I have here? That is what I asked myself all day today. Could there not have been something (more fun) better to do on the kids first day of vacation, than laundry?

There seemed to be separated piles of clothes and towels just about everywhere!

Oh, here is heaven on earth - piles of folded clothes - lots of neat, tidy, sorted by child, father, and mother piles of clean, fresh clothes............ahhhhh.

Now they all just need to get put away................So what would be a great ending to a day like this?
It's been decided - the best way to end today is this:

Hannah baked a cake. Nice.

How happy is my baby, enjoying this? Nothing is better, I tell ya'. Watching my kids eat cake.

Hannah is enjoying every bite of her hard work!!!

Poor Connor doesn't feel good - Garrin is eating his piece too!

I just love seeing them so happy. I really should get back to typing...............

Oh, let me just lick my fingers, real quick....


Redhead in Vegas said...

i feel so much better knowing that my house isn't the only one that has piles of laundry strewn about. looks like vaca is a smash, even if the washing machine was running all day. i can't wait until ryan can make me some cake!

Allison said...

I was just thinking about how I only need to do one load of laundry a week for James right now and how nice that is--but I need to do at leat three for Chris and I. I guess more kids means more laundry!

Kim said...

Nice job on the cake, Hannah!