Tuesday, February 12

Yes, It's the beginning of February

and here are my boys playing at the park. After a couple of months of the frigid 40's and mostly 50's that kept us all bundled up in the house, sipping hot chocolate by the gas fireplace that emits absolutely no heat - here we are - the beginning of "Why We Moved Here". The last few days have been a BEAUUUUU-TEEEE-FUL 70 degrees. Just gorgeous. What a great time for my mother-in-law to visit, since we are always trying to convince her to move out here, because, last I checked (which was with my sister this morning) back east is getting a few inches of snow, sleet and freezing rain tonight into tomorrow.

Boo Hoo Hoo -

which brings me to: ANYHOO....

Garrin with his Meme, playing on the slide.
Connor and Garrin "driving" the car.....

and of course Connor and Garrin playing with a soccer ball....!!!!

"Please Meme. Think about moving here. It would be so much fun to have you here to play outside with me....IN FEBRUARY!!!"


Erica said...

I can't imagine why Meme wouldn't want to move there! After playing with the kids outside in that beautiful weather this week, especially that cutie, she'd be crazy not to!! It's CCCOOLLLDD here people!!!!

Allison said...

Great pics--the weather is awesome right now--have to say.

Jerolyn said...

Glad to see the mourning process is over and you are posting again! Now get your patootie on over to my blog and leave your question.. I WANT TO KNOW what crazy off the wall question Gini Herbst would ask the almighty!!! Tell Chris I want to know his too...cuz I think it would most like be hysterical!!!