Monday, February 18

Visualize this..

There are times when the visual you get from a funny story, it more funny than the actual story itself. This was the case last night.

My friend Brad was in town and had reservations at Hotel Herbst last night. He wanted to say hi to friends from the pool, so we decided he would bring Connor down for his workout, pickup Hannah to bring her home, and then I'd go get Connor at 7. So this all means Connor would be swimming for his 1 1/2 hours without me down there watching.

So it's about 6:45 when I get down to the pool, I get to watch Connor for his last 15 minutes. I chat for a bit with my friend Scott, who's daughter swims with Connor. He said they had a pretty tough set that the kids worked on - but got through it well enough. He also informed me that Connor took his "habitual" potty break - he takes at least one every night. Not so funny yet...but.....

The set the kids were working on were with fins. Here are the fins Connor wears:

And just to add to the picture you will be creating in your mind, here is the swim suit Connor typically wears:

Does my kid take off the fins before going to the bathroom? NO.
He walks................all..............the bathroom..............with the fins on.
And if that visual wasn't comical enough - Scott said "Imagine him standing at a urinal with those things on....." It was so frickin hysterical. "Imagine seeing his feet under a bathroom stall with those things on........"
I couldn't stop laughing!!!!