Thursday, February 14

Valentines Day 2008

This day was a bit more significant for me- being as my "significant other" has been home on vacation this past week and not out and about traveling somewhere. So I must say, I knew that the day itself was already going to be a good one!

Typical in the sense that our days are pretty much regulated by the fact that 3 kids still have to do what they have to do - regardless, the day had a couple of fun additions.

I got up at the crack of dawn today. I am on the "5th Grade Celebrations" committee at school, because (gulp) I have a 5th grader now. Where did the time go? I suppose it doesn't matter, since I am convinced that 42 in the new 32, right? Back on point - Good thing Bill was home to make the two separate trips to school with the kids this morning. Hannah was attending the 5th Grade Valentine Breakfast today, and had to be in at 8am. Bill then had to get Connor to school by 9am. Thank you, Cab Driver Bill!

Not only, back on point - but let's get back to ME. I left the house by 7am to help get the multi-purpose room ready for 150 hungry, hormonal, hysterical 5th graders. As I am preparing things, my mind is on what is going on back at home. I am sure Hannah is going to do pretty much nothing with her hair, and am pretty much counting on Connor NOT wearing the pink shirt I ironed for him before I left. I was correct in both instances. But kids will be kids.....

Here is Kid number one. Love the kid - hate the headband. Good thing she has a lot of friends who obviously don't care what she does with her hair.

Great party for the kids. They had a great start to their day for sure.

After that, I went on home to finish up some scrapbooks I have been working on for Valentine gifts. They look way cuter in person.

Thanks for the idea - MaryBeth. Martha Stewart - you can just kiss my butt. THIS is a Good Thing!

And just a little note to my perfect little cupcake bakin', homemade card makin' sister-in-law ( ) - CHECK ME OUT Allison!!!!!
Next it was on to Garrin's swim lesson. He hasn't been in a few weeks - and here is how we started out as a result of that:

But Mr. Grumpy Pants.....

soon turned into Mr. Happy Pants..............

playing airplane on the kickboard...............

blowing his bubbles.............

Just look at that FACE! Thank you Coach Debbie for dealing with the screaming today!

The next few hours we the same ol' same ol'. School, pool, home, pool, home for dinner.
So my girlfriend Gail tells me last night that she made a heart shaped meatloaf last year for dinner for her family, so I get out the hamburg this morning to get ready to prepare my Valentine masterpiece, when Bill informs me -
"I want fish tonight"
Well I can't really shape fish filets into the shape of a heart now, can I? So the next best thing was to hang out at the pool, watch the kids workout and let Bill cook up ALL the frickin fish he wants.
Shame on me for that attitude, because this is what the kids and I came home to waiting on the dinner table:

Wait, here is a closer look. HEART SHAPED RICE TIMBALES!! Damn he's good!

Thank you Bill for this spectacular dinner you prepared for me, our kids and your mom, obviously with a lot of love.
Happy Valentines Day, everyone. Thanks to all that shared 'the love' with me today.


Jerolyn said...

Ya ummmmm,we got to go to McDonalds for dinner.....
and I'm still PISSED about it.

Tutta la Storia said...

Heart-shaped timbales? Are you sure Meme didn't make those? Nice job, Bill!!! And, uh, heart-shaped meatloaf? That makes me feel kinda nauseaus . . . maybe it is just because I am still drinking my coffee, LOL. HEY!! Nice job on the scrapbooks! They are sooo cute!!!

Tutta la Storia said...

Ok, and I do know how to spell nauseous, BTW if Hannah is reading this.

Jerolyn said...

did I mention I'm pissed about
M' D's?