Friday, February 22

Un Petit déjeuner Savoureux

(A Tasty Breakfast)
Oui, certainly looks like Lucy is just shaking in her crate, all crouched down low in her little bed, not even daring to look at me while I am taking this picture.

Why, you ask?
Because....instead of eating this for breakfast:

She decided to eat this:

Oui, Oui, mes amis -
Garrin's breakfast


Allison said...

Quelle mauvaise fille, Lucy chien! Ne savez-vous pas que la gelée de raisin est flagrante? Attendez que la confiture de framboise, fille!

carissa... brown eyed fox said...

okay... you are cracking me up! you are so funny!

i am sooo glad you left a comment AND your blog address! yippee!what a truly fun blog you have! do you see the smile on my face? it's BIG!

your kids are so dad gum cute!
way cute!

Lucy... her breakfast today... so hilarious! you can tell... she KNOWS!