Wednesday, February 27

Sarcasm at its finest

It is the third day into Nevada Reading week. Today is bring your favorite book to school. So as the good/predicting mother I am, I started reminding the kids to get their book into their backpacks starting at around 9pm last night. I reiterated this request starting at approximately 7am this morning continuously for the next 1 hour 15 minutes. Now, we try to leave promptly at 8:40 every morning, because that is the time I have embedded in my type A brain that we must leave by, because not doing so may possibly throw my whole type A day into a tail-spin. Anybody with me on this?


Hannah begins the HUNT for her favorite book, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, at, uhh let's see..............8:39am.

Hannah - "Mom, I just can't find my book. I know that I left it right down here (downstairs)"

Me - "When did you do that Hannah?"

"I don't know, but I know I definitely left it down here."

(Now, I don't even remember her reading this book this school year, I am thinking last year. But let's just say, since I am not positive, it hasn't been read in 2008 - OK?)

"Do books typically belong down here, Hannah?"

"But I know it was down here, MOOOOOOOMM"

"Really? Well it would either be in this basket here that has all of your crap in it that DOESN'T BELONG DOWN HERE, or the basket that is up in your room that is full of crap, that WAS down here and is now upstairs in your room, still not emptied"

"Fine. I'll go look again upstairs"

2 minutes later.

"I know it was in my room. I have a pile of books and I know it was in that pile, that I was supposed to put away in the bookcase"

"I thought you said it was down here. Now let me guess, it was in your room and your are telling me that "POOF" it suddenly disappeared from that pile?"


"Did you check the bookcase in the game room, where it is supposed to be?"

huff, puff, "FINE. I'll go look there."

(Here are what the bookcases look like in the game room...)

2 minutes later.

in a much more calm, almost happy go lucky voice "Mom, look what I found!!! Remember I was reading this book??????? I am (still) on chapter 8 and I remember what I was reading!!! I LOVE THIS BOOK!!!!"

So within a six minute span of panic/sarcasm/impatience/disgust Hannah's favorite book went from Diary of a Wimpy Kid to The Tales of Despereaux.

We were late for school, dammit.


Allison said...

The whole "fine" response scares the bejesus out of me. Brings me back to my whole terrified-of-preteens state of mind!

Gini said...

be very afraid!

Anonymous said...

nice bookcases....

meg duerksen said...

oh this IS my house.
messy book shelves and all.
yesterday my 9 yr. old son spent over an hour looking for his bible for church! he never found it and gained him self a big time-out to calm himself down formthe yelling about the whole thing.
"Um...did I lose YOUR bible? no."
and this is what every morning is like trying to get 5 kids out the door!

meg duerksen said...

oh...and thanks for linking me!
that makes me happy.