Friday, February 29

A Potpourri of Posts

SHOOSH: definition - those things you wear on your feet - according to James.

So Bill started it this morning. Looking for his shoosh - he said. And then we all started saying it. I think we all just need a little "James" fix. Now look at those cheeks. Do you see what I'm saying??? You just can't get enough of him. Uhhh, I just want to squeeze them!!! Miss seeing you James, thinking about you and love you!!

YESTERDAY'S COMMENT: In reference to the end of my post yesterday about Hannah growing out of her school uniform pants. I think I said "When does Middle School start/school uniforms end?". Well today was Free Dress Day. And right about now I am loving school uniforms. It took Hannah 1 hour to decide what she wanted to wear. Outfit #1 "didn't look good", Outfit #2, #3, and #4 all fared about the same. Being a girl - I can appreciate days like that, but look - she's 10 and she is like this already and all the clothes from above said outfits - on the floor............

And lastly for right now -


Garrin's lesson yesterday was awesome. Do I say that every week?? No video, though. I thought I would shoot some pictures using the sport mode. I am getting better now. I am no longer moving with the shot!!!!

Here is my boy:

I can't wait for him to be able to swim in our pool!!


Anonymous said... 'bout a breath kido?

Life of a Banana said...

awww so cute!

Jerolyn said...

Uncle Cracker that's what I was Uncle Cracker you are too funny!!!

Allison said...

I love shoosh! I long ning ning, too (phone). See you guys tomorrow! (He can almost say "ninnie.")

Life of a Banana said...

shosh rock!! and still luv that pic of james!!