Saturday, February 23

Playin' with the big boys

After being a swim mom for so long, I know one thing for sure. Training for competitive swimming is hard, time consuming and more often than not, very serious. Occasionally after a big meet - State Championships or Junior Olympics - on coming back to workout, they get to fool around a bit, maybe play a little water polo. But it is usually business as usual everyday. 2 hours a day - 6 days a week.

So I was pretty surprised last night. Half way through Connors workout all the kids got out of the pool. All of the kids meaning - the "Gold" group - ages 13 and older, the pre-JO group, Connors novice group and then the pre-novice group. Then they all formed relay teams and included the coaches!!

It just so happened that I had my camera with me - I am trying to bring it along everywhere now that I am experimenting with Photoshop all the time.

Here is Connor up on the blocks waiting his turn. Nice six-pack, huh???

Here is Connor bringing home the breaststroke relay, which his team won, by the way!!

OK - LOVE this shot with Connor and all the 'bigger boys'. Thinking that that is what he is going to grow up looking like - A-OK with me. What? Does he go up to their waist even?

Here is the line up on the deck watching the next person going in.

What fun for Connor.

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