Friday, February 8

Getting serious

about potty training was not my idea actually. We have been taking this step with Garrin nice and slow for the last few months. When we first started, he was thrilled about putting on the big boy underwear, I mean, who wouldn't want to wear Thomas, Lightning McQueen, and Diego! After peeing in them a few times, he decided "no way" and so we just made daily trips to the potty to give it a shot.

Lately though, he has been anxious to sit on the potty, especially for NUMBER2. So it took me awhile to capture the PG version of the video I have been taking. Sorry about the quality - it sucks - but you get the point.

First off - he insists on being totally naked. And though he prefers the big potty - which he climbs up with no problem, himself, he alternates - big potty to little potty, big potty to little potty.

When he finished "sitting" last night - he actually got out his big boy undies and had Bill put them on him.

Then take them off and put on a different pair.

Then take them off.

Then put on another different pair and so on and so forth.

He cracks me up.


Allison said...

That is just awesome! He is growing up so fast!

Jerolyn said...

I was scared to watch!

Anonymous said...

=) x10000