Wednesday, February 20

G.E.T......M.E......O.F.F.......this computer!

........but not until I say this one thing - nothing much going on today, but when Hannah Banana got in the car after school today - I asked how the "day" went with the little "situation". She told me that each and every time she got the stink eye from "Little Miss Thing" today - she just smiled and waved at her only to get "rolling of the eyes" back. THAT'S MY GIRL!!!!!!!!!! YOU ARE TRULY MY DAUGHTER!!!!

.......and I show you these pretty pictures -

This was my Valentine centerpiece on the living room coffee table which is far to pretty to remove just yet, along with a bunch of lilies Bill gave me for being the most awesome wife in the whole wide world. (No honey, I didn't do any house work today...)

And of course a picture I was fiddling with on Photoshop.

These are just so totally yummy!!!


Allison said...

What situation? We need deets!

Anonymous said...

Nice job, Hannah! Perfectly handled!

Anonymous said...

great job hannah!!!!!!!