Wednesday, February 20

G.E.T......M.E......O.F.F.......this computer!

........but not until I say this one thing - nothing much going on today, but when Hannah Banana got in the car after school today - I asked how the "day" went with the little "situation". She told me that each and every time she got the stink eye from "Little Miss Thing" today - she just smiled and waved at her only to get "rolling of the eyes" back. THAT'S MY GIRL!!!!!!!!!! YOU ARE TRULY MY DAUGHTER!!!!

.......and I show you these pretty pictures -

This was my Valentine centerpiece on the living room coffee table which is far to pretty to remove just yet, along with a bunch of lilies Bill gave me for being the most awesome wife in the whole wide world. (No honey, I didn't do any house work today...)

And of course a picture I was fiddling with on Photoshop.

These are just so totally yummy!!!


Tutta la Storia said...

What situation? We need deets!

kim said...

Nice job, Hannah! Perfectly handled!

kaitlyn said...

great job hannah!!!!!!!