Tuesday, February 19

Dear Little Miss Thing -

I just wanted to inform you that it would not be in your best interest to keep running your mouth about my daughter at school. I must say it is your lucky day, that her dad is on a business trip in Ohio right now, and his attempts to climb through the phone when I told him of your antics, were unsuccessful. I must also say that if the cute boy from swimming that thinks the sun rises and sets on my daughter, ever caught wind of what you have been saying, he would march right over to school and prove that 'looks can be quite deceiving' and kick some 5th grade butt. He could do it - I know for a fact. And best beware once my sweet girls uncle reads my blog, he won't hesitate in setting things straight also.

I, myself, am going to sit back and just give you a few words of wisdom. My most favorite saying "What comes around goes around" will reach you one day, little girl. Life is long, but it will take no time for someone to do the exact same thing to you, that you are doing to my daughter. It will hurt you as much as this is hurting my girl right now. Hopefully someone will tell you the same thing I am telling her - be the better person, hold your head up high. Know that this is not the first time something like this is going to happen, surround yourself with all the 'good' people in your life, and most of all - you don't HAVE to be friends with everyone.

If the need presents itself, I may have to say this in person.



Jerolyn said...

I am SOOO calling you...

Redhead in Vegas said...

oh boy, that starts at 10, huh. i forgot how horrible kids can be to each other. this is a very mature way of dealing with someone tormenting your child, even if you do really want to pull her hair out. let me know how it goes!