Monday, February 4

All's Well that Ends Well

We are back. We made it home last night from our 4 day trip to Long Beach California for Hannah to swim in the 2008 Spring Jr. Olympics. These were the best of the best swimmers competing for the top Jr. Olympic honors for the Southern California division of USA Swimming. The kids had fun, swam hard, and are exhausted, to say the least. Here is a quick re-cap of our weekend there.

Here is Hannah, Nikki and Jackie in our hotel room. In addition to running to Target for any last minute things we may have forgotten, the girls picked up a few games to play, during their little bit of downtime in the hotel room. Here is the first night before the swimming began:

Here is the pool in Long Beach. The facility sits right on the beach. How awesome is that? The weather was cold and overcast - but hell, we were on the beach, man! Not that we spent any accountable time outside, mind you.

Here is the inside of the pool.

Here is how the Jr. Olympics work. We had to be at the pool at 7:30 am. The kids have to "check-in" (confirm what events they will swim for the day - a max of 6 events for the meet). Then they get in for warm up. When the meet starts, the kids swim their events. If they make 9th place thru 16th place - they swim consolation finals in the evening. If they make 1st thru 8th they swim championship finals in the evening. If you don't make the top 16 - you don't come back. Each event had an average of 50 qualifying swimmers. When the morning session ends, you get a healthy lunch and go back to your hotel for rest. They then had to be back at the pool by 3pm to warm up for the evening session. During the evening session - you are actually swimming for your final place in the event. You cannot move from consolation to championship, no matter what your final time is.
Hannahs final event rankings -
200 freestyle - 10th
100 backstroke - disqualified (OOPS!!!)
100 breaststroke - 7th
100 butterfly - 10th
100 IM - 11th
200 IM - 5th
Freestyle relay - 2nd
Medley relay - 2nd
We are so very proud of her. She swam her little hiney off!!! (and it is little compared to most of the 9-10 year old swimmers that were there - man they grow them big in California!)
Here is Hannah Banana getting ready for warm-up. We are way up high in the bleachers to get the best possible view when the racing starts. You can't get anywhere near the swimmers or the starting blocks, so the next best thing is to get a good view from the top.

Here is how she gets all that hair up in her cap.

Here is Hannah warming up before a finals swim.

Here she is warming up for a morning event.

All ready to go race!!!!
Tired and ready to go back to the hotel!!

Great job, baby! Love you.


kaitlyn said...

Great Job Hannah!!!!

Tutta la Storia said...

Way to ROCK IT OUT Hannah!

Kimmy said...

Awesome job, Hannah! We're so proud of you!!!

Chris said...

Awesome job Hannah!

Jerolyn said...

Whooo HOOOO! Go Hannah Go Hannah! Holy Cow sounds like you did a fantastic job girlie! Way to go!