Friday, February 29

A Potpourri of Posts

SHOOSH: definition - those things you wear on your feet - according to James.

So Bill started it this morning. Looking for his shoosh - he said. And then we all started saying it. I think we all just need a little "James" fix. Now look at those cheeks. Do you see what I'm saying??? You just can't get enough of him. Uhhh, I just want to squeeze them!!! Miss seeing you James, thinking about you and love you!!

YESTERDAY'S COMMENT: In reference to the end of my post yesterday about Hannah growing out of her school uniform pants. I think I said "When does Middle School start/school uniforms end?". Well today was Free Dress Day. And right about now I am loving school uniforms. It took Hannah 1 hour to decide what she wanted to wear. Outfit #1 "didn't look good", Outfit #2, #3, and #4 all fared about the same. Being a girl - I can appreciate days like that, but look - she's 10 and she is like this already and all the clothes from above said outfits - on the floor............

And lastly for right now -


Garrin's lesson yesterday was awesome. Do I say that every week?? No video, though. I thought I would shoot some pictures using the sport mode. I am getting better now. I am no longer moving with the shot!!!!

Here is my boy:

I can't wait for him to be able to swim in our pool!!

Thursday, February 28

SPRING has sprung

I just can't say it enough - the weather is the main reason is ROCKS living here. February 28th and the kids have already been wearing shorts and short sleeve shirts to school. (I was thinking that this is a good thing anyway, because Hannah's pants are already too short - I guess she is getting taller, though I don't see it. I can put that expense aside until the fall/winter now that it is shorts season.) Anyway - the drive this morning - 60 degrees/9am - looking at all of the plum trees that are flowering, and those few trees that we have here that actually LOSE their leaves in mid-December are already budding. Love It!

And this time of year always gets the bug going for Bill and I to do some(more) planting in the yard. Now that for sure, is no easy task, because we don't really have "soil" here, we have rock/mountain/caliche/dirt. That's why we hire people....

I am of course thinking about doing stuff in the front yard that will get our Homeowners Association all riled up! I think we are going to replace a palm tree with an olive tree without getting pre-approval. I am laughing just thinking about it. Gosh, the little things that amuse me, now that I am 42.......

With all these thought of spring, I decided the Valentine door arrangement needed to be retired to the garage and I whipped up a new wreath. Here is the work in progress:

And the final result:

Not too bad for a half hours work. That is one, big a$$ wreath! I know, Allison, where are the pillows I am supposed to be sewing??? I will get to them - but something like this I can do soooooo much faster!
Happy Day to all. I am off to buy white short sleeved shirts for school for Hannah. When does middle school start/school uniforms end??????

Wednesday, February 27

Sarcasm at its finest

It is the third day into Nevada Reading week. Today is bring your favorite book to school. So as the good/predicting mother I am, I started reminding the kids to get their book into their backpacks starting at around 9pm last night. I reiterated this request starting at approximately 7am this morning continuously for the next 1 hour 15 minutes. Now, we try to leave promptly at 8:40 every morning, because that is the time I have embedded in my type A brain that we must leave by, because not doing so may possibly throw my whole type A day into a tail-spin. Anybody with me on this?


Hannah begins the HUNT for her favorite book, Diary of a Wimpy Kid, at, uhh let's see..............8:39am.

Hannah - "Mom, I just can't find my book. I know that I left it right down here (downstairs)"

Me - "When did you do that Hannah?"

"I don't know, but I know I definitely left it down here."

(Now, I don't even remember her reading this book this school year, I am thinking last year. But let's just say, since I am not positive, it hasn't been read in 2008 - OK?)

"Do books typically belong down here, Hannah?"

"But I know it was down here, MOOOOOOOMM"

"Really? Well it would either be in this basket here that has all of your crap in it that DOESN'T BELONG DOWN HERE, or the basket that is up in your room that is full of crap, that WAS down here and is now upstairs in your room, still not emptied"

"Fine. I'll go look again upstairs"

2 minutes later.

"I know it was in my room. I have a pile of books and I know it was in that pile, that I was supposed to put away in the bookcase"

"I thought you said it was down here. Now let me guess, it was in your room and your are telling me that "POOF" it suddenly disappeared from that pile?"


"Did you check the bookcase in the game room, where it is supposed to be?"

huff, puff, "FINE. I'll go look there."

(Here are what the bookcases look like in the game room...)

2 minutes later.

in a much more calm, almost happy go lucky voice "Mom, look what I found!!! Remember I was reading this book??????? I am (still) on chapter 8 and I remember what I was reading!!! I LOVE THIS BOOK!!!!"

So within a six minute span of panic/sarcasm/impatience/disgust Hannah's favorite book went from Diary of a Wimpy Kid to The Tales of Despereaux.

We were late for school, dammit.

Tuesday, February 26

Diego can't "Go, Diego, Go" anymore

Looks like Poor Diego is going to need crutches or a wheelchair to rescue animals now.........since Lucy

Crazy Socks Day

During Nevada Reading week, the kids get to do some specified crazy thing each day and today is crazy sock day.

Connor's friends giggled when he got out of the car today, "Connor, why do you have FLOWERS on your socks??? tee hee, tee hee"
Oh and P.S. to all of our east coast family and friends - Yes, it is February 26th and the kids are wearing shorts and capri's to school today. Gotta love the desert!

Monday, February 25

I love...

knowing that my boys love each other.

This was in the car on the way home from school.

Sunday, February 24

The History of Stuffed Animals

or better yet - The Bane of My Existence.

Now it all starts the same for all of us, when the kids are just babies. For us, when Hannah was born we did a teddy bear theme. There were freaking teddy bears everywhere. We bought fancy-teddy-bears-she-wasn't-allowed-to-touch teddy bears, got the free-teddy bears-from-Ralph-Lauren-when-you-bought-their-cologne teddy bears, my brother was into buying Vermont Teddy Bears - and so on and so forth.
As the years progressed, and another baby came along - the stuffed animals multiplied and so did the occasions. Valentine elephants, Easter bunnies, Birthday penguins, Back-To-School snakes, Thanksgiving Turkeys, Christmas Lambs, Just-Cause-Its-Thursday Hippos.......

Then came along those hot commodity Beanie Babies. Yeah, had a sh#$load of those. Because those were going to be worth some real good money someday!!!! Uh huh, right!

So as all the stuffed animals increasingly took over our house (and mind you, moved from house to house with us....) some jerk thought up Build-A-Bear. So now a third child has come into all of this and we not only have a gazzillion stuffed animals but now we have Build-A-Bear, Build-A-Cat, Build-A-Bunny, Build-A-Dog (which may include any of the following: a boxer, a terrier, a bulldog, a St. Bernard, an Irish wolfhound, a greyhound, a get my point...), a Build-A-Horse (I actually liked that one), and ALL THE ACCESSORIES! The cheerleading outfits, the hockey outfits, the swimsuits, the dog beds, stroller, toys, carriers, roller skates, sunglasses, Halloween outfits - ETC....ETC.....ET FRICKIN CETERA. (I must add - we are still "into" to this day - my 10 year old just got another new one).

So I don't know if possibly it is the same guy who thought of Build-A-Bear - but that genius - or a different one - is making their life fortune now with WEBKINZ. Do you know about them or have them?? Hannah has accumulated a few or 5 or 6. They are stuffed animals that come with some sort of code that you plug into some website on your computer. You play games with them, feed them, clothe them, all kinds of stuff....................Hannah killed her first Webkinz - I don't know - she maybe didn't brush its teeth or do something nice with its hair or actually put pajamas on before it gets into bed.....oh wait.....that's Hannah - But that's the point - she didn't take care of it - it croaked.

Which brings me to my I've-Had-Just-About-Enough-Of-This experience for today.

Hannah and Nikki (her swim buddy) wanted to go, where else, but to the mall today. Hannah asked for $100 from her bank account, which is now pretty much drained dry, to go to Hollister and Tilly and Claires to get some girly stuff. They went off with cellphone and cash in hand and we were to meet up 1 hour 10 minutes later.

Tick tock tick tock....

So the girls meet me upstairs with one bitty bag in Hannah's hand. "Mom, Mom, we need like 20 more minutes."
"Why Hannah? What have you bought so far? It doesn't look like you got much of anything which I can't understand - 1 hour and 100 dollars later?!?!?"
"No, Mom. I got this Webkinz. We couldn't find ANYTHING at Hollister, really".

Re-read above to anticipate my reaction if you need to. Here are what those stupid things look like:

So I proceeded to take the stuffed (penquin, I believe it was) animal BACK to the store to get the money back and walked WITH the girls to Tillys. They managed to pick out some lovely outfits in about 20 minutes tops!
And a happy ending for us all.

Saturday, February 23

Having my head in the clouds

or at least I felt like it. Saw this shot as I was taking Connor to the pool, pulled over, opened the sun roof and stood up to get this. Not perfect, but I'll get there.

Playin' with the big boys

After being a swim mom for so long, I know one thing for sure. Training for competitive swimming is hard, time consuming and more often than not, very serious. Occasionally after a big meet - State Championships or Junior Olympics - on coming back to workout, they get to fool around a bit, maybe play a little water polo. But it is usually business as usual everyday. 2 hours a day - 6 days a week.

So I was pretty surprised last night. Half way through Connors workout all the kids got out of the pool. All of the kids meaning - the "Gold" group - ages 13 and older, the pre-JO group, Connors novice group and then the pre-novice group. Then they all formed relay teams and included the coaches!!

It just so happened that I had my camera with me - I am trying to bring it along everywhere now that I am experimenting with Photoshop all the time.

Here is Connor up on the blocks waiting his turn. Nice six-pack, huh???

Here is Connor bringing home the breaststroke relay, which his team won, by the way!!

OK - LOVE this shot with Connor and all the 'bigger boys'. Thinking that that is what he is going to grow up looking like - A-OK with me. What? Does he go up to their waist even?

Here is the line up on the deck watching the next person going in.

What fun for Connor.

Friday, February 22

Un Petit déjeuner Savoureux

(A Tasty Breakfast)
Oui, certainly looks like Lucy is just shaking in her crate, all crouched down low in her little bed, not even daring to look at me while I am taking this picture.

Why, you ask?
Because....instead of eating this for breakfast:

She decided to eat this:

Oui, Oui, mes amis -
Garrin's breakfast

Thursday, February 21

There is nothing better than....

1.........finding Connor's betta fish still alive, even after Garrin fed him a dinner of greeeeezy Lay's Sour Cream and Onion potato chips, before I cleaned the bowl!!


and 2........driving up the very steep mountain in my backyard in the Expedition in the pitch black to be at the right angle to get photos of the lunar eclipse.....and then trying to do a SAFE k-turn on the mountain in the pitch black and then drive back down.....did I say it was pitch black?????

....and as I am driving down looking at my neighborhood.....seeing my house all lit up like a hotel.........

Pretty much EVERY STINKING LIGHT is on....(mind you, there are houses on both sides of mine...which you can't see....because not all of their lights are on!

Wednesday, February 20

G.E.T......M.E......O.F.F.......this computer!

........but not until I say this one thing - nothing much going on today, but when Hannah Banana got in the car after school today - I asked how the "day" went with the little "situation". She told me that each and every time she got the stink eye from "Little Miss Thing" today - she just smiled and waved at her only to get "rolling of the eyes" back. THAT'S MY GIRL!!!!!!!!!! YOU ARE TRULY MY DAUGHTER!!!!

.......and I show you these pretty pictures -

This was my Valentine centerpiece on the living room coffee table which is far to pretty to remove just yet, along with a bunch of lilies Bill gave me for being the most awesome wife in the whole wide world. (No honey, I didn't do any house work today...)

And of course a picture I was fiddling with on Photoshop.

These are just so totally yummy!!!

Tuesday, February 19

Three Posts in One Day

Woo Hoo!!

Played around with Photoshop today. I am such a putz - it took me all day -

Dear Little Miss Thing -

I just wanted to inform you that it would not be in your best interest to keep running your mouth about my daughter at school. I must say it is your lucky day, that her dad is on a business trip in Ohio right now, and his attempts to climb through the phone when I told him of your antics, were unsuccessful. I must also say that if the cute boy from swimming that thinks the sun rises and sets on my daughter, ever caught wind of what you have been saying, he would march right over to school and prove that 'looks can be quite deceiving' and kick some 5th grade butt. He could do it - I know for a fact. And best beware once my sweet girls uncle reads my blog, he won't hesitate in setting things straight also.

I, myself, am going to sit back and just give you a few words of wisdom. My most favorite saying "What comes around goes around" will reach you one day, little girl. Life is long, but it will take no time for someone to do the exact same thing to you, that you are doing to my daughter. It will hurt you as much as this is hurting my girl right now. Hopefully someone will tell you the same thing I am telling her - be the better person, hold your head up high. Know that this is not the first time something like this is going to happen, surround yourself with all the 'good' people in your life, and most of all - you don't HAVE to be friends with everyone.

If the need presents itself, I may have to say this in person.


It's bound to be a good day when...

....the car ride to school is a good one.

I handed Hannah the camera this morning and told her to get a picture of Garrin in his car seat. He looked so damn cute all snuggled up with a blanket, after having just been awakened for the ride to school.

And I then wanted to get a shot of Hannah - I was thinking about how long her hair has gotten, and since she actually cared about doing "something" with it this morning - it looked so pretty...

...then Connor asked for the camera...........

which made Garrin go from the above this..........

happy Tuesday!