Wednesday, January 23

While we are on the subject..

not really spelling, but grammar in particular. I am by no means a fanatic about grammar, but there are certain things....I mean, really. This was on the front page of yesterday's newspaper. "IT DON'T GET ANY BETTER"????? What the hell? Isn't it "It doesn't get any better"?? Its a pretty decent article too. When we are quoting people, is it a must to quote someone who doesn't speak correctly?
And going along with that - Do news reporters have to broadcast the people who look the trashiest and can't speak well because they don't have any teeth??? Did they NOT interview someone a little better put-together for that particular story?? Why is this OK?


Jerolyn said...

I hear you loud and clear. I hate bad grammer. HATE it. I had a mother who corrected me and I correct my kids should they say something that pierces my eardrum do to poor grammer. And again don't put in in print on the front page for crying out loud.

Chris said...

don't be axin me why they be talkin dat way yo. It be bein rediculous

Tutta la Storia said...

OMG I saw this on the RJ online and was like WHHAATTT?????!!!!

Jerolyn said...

Tru Dat Chris Tru Dat!