Saturday, January 26

Photoshop for TypeA personalities

So on The Pioneer Woman Cooks blog (see sidebar for link) that I read constantly, Ree has posted a few notes on how she got some of her photo's of her mustangs so flippin awesome looking. Kind of like a shortened condensed version of Photoshop. Which is the only way to go for me, baby. If I have to actually spend time reading the Photoshop for Dummies book my kids got me for Christmas - it WILL be next Christmas before I can figure anything out. And being who I am, I just want to know how to do Just like my quest to figure out how to use my Canon Rebel with the expensive new lens the right way.........just show me, man. I don't want to/have the time to read the book.

So today I tried a few of the ideas from Ree's blog. This is my all time, at the moment, most favorite shot of Garrin. God, I love him. Anyway, this is the before shot:

This is the after PS shot:

I'm diggin it. It's not perfect (like I like things to be at all times) but its working for me right now.


Life of a Banana said...

It does look 10 times better. I luv it!! No, no, no. As Weazy says on Dragon Tales, "I dont like it....I LOOOVE it!!" =)

Allison said...

Nice job! Don't you wish you could walk out your back door and take pics of a bunch of mustangs? Oh wait--that's probably just me, LOL.