Saturday, January 12

My Prince

Today was soccer tournament day for Connor. Well, Hannah had a swim meet also, but let's get back to Connor...

One of the parents at the game said to me "We have all been talking about this today, and we have decided that Connor looks like one of the Princes from Disney. He could be any one of them." Not that I am going to tell him that people think this.....not sure if he is gonna like that, are some photos of my prince warming up for the soccer tournament games today:

If Connor is a prince, then here are his jesters:
I have a thing for photographing eyelashes. Dayum!!, I love the eyelashes on these boys!!!!
So it was a victorious day for the boys. They took third place in the U8 division - which means they played UP an age group (not enough U7 teams) so that made them 1st in the U7 division. The big question now they go on to Texas. The families are going to check out the cost and then make a decision. Congrats Scorpions on a fantastic day of soccer!
Here are the proud coaches and their boys!


Jerolyn said...

WoW Congrats Conner That is so awesome! Everythings bigger in Texas you know, but you could take em' easily!

Chris said...

Good job, Connor!