Tuesday, January 15

My Pet Pee-ve

OK, so I am talking about all of us moms who have boys. I happen to have a seven year old, and a potty-training 2 year old.

If boys pee-ed more often, would there potentially be less clean up?

My case in point:

Every morning, Connor comes down the stairs. Now he is a pretty sound sleeper and I know he does not get up during the night. So he hits the toilet first thing (with the door open of course). EVERY SINGLE morning, it sounds like he takes a bucket of water, and is holding it about 3 feet above the toilet, and then dumps it in. And EVERY SINGLE morning I say "Connor, are you SURE that all of that is going where it needs to go???" Every day I say that! "Yes, yes" he says. Somedays I watch. He is sometimes standing with his eyes closed, because he is still half asleep, and he is holding the toilet seat up. Not all the way, mind you. But a little less than halfway. And then he lets 'er rip.

And then, more times than not, after school, he gets to the car, having to pee. Because like most kids these days - they don't pee at school! Whatever. So we still have to get to the pool, and I would say, two days out of the week, he absolutely has to go when we get to the pool, because he can't hold it til we get home. That I could care less about. It is those 3 days that he waits to get home. And then again, with the door open - lets loose.

This is bugging the crap out of me right now, because as I am vacuuming downstairs today, and both bathrooms, which I scrubbed 3 days ago, need to be scrubbed again. Keep in mind also, there are three more bathrooms upstairs - one of which my biggest boy of all, Bill, uses. So my question is, if boys went pee-pee more often, and didn't hold it, would it make such a friggin mess each and every time they went in there??????


Tutta la Storia said...

Aahh--wonderful Can't say that I am looking forward to that! Maybe you need to "spank" Connor--seems like it is going around . . .

Jerolyn said...

After that I think I'm good with girls. eeeewwwwww.

Jerolyn said...

ps I like the title of this post!