Monday, January 21

My Journey to "Healthy"

Since I am officially a member of Golds Gym - I am going to try to post my progress on this trek to get my a$$ in shape. Also, I have a follow up appointment with my new Doctor on Wednesday, and I need to prove to him that I took his words seriously enough and joined a gym. So the journey begins.

So, I know a lot of people who are uneasy going to a gym because of the stigma that it holds. We are not talking LA Fitness here, where I, myself may feel a little intimidated by all the BEAUTIFUL-NESS. We are talking Golds Gym. And I must say, walking in today, I felt pretty comfortable. I went at 10am - not showered, looking pretty freakin good in yesterdays makeup, with my hair pulled back in an adorable ponytail, cellphone and iPod in hand. So here is a quick overview of what I was a part of:

This is what my personal trainer scheduler looked like. I had to speak with her to schedule my first of 6 FREE personal trainer appointments. Right, Gini - nothing is for free. Whatever. Anyhoo - she scares me. Hopefully I am not meeting with her - she could kick my a$$ from here to home with one good boot! And it's all uphill, at that. She could do it.

This guy and all his friends were there. They scare me. Why do they walk around with a smile plastered to there face constantly?

Moving on.

Grandma was there - lots of them. And Grandpa too.

He was there. That pretty much goes without saying.

A division of our local fire department - also there. I actually took comfort in this - knowing that in case I passed out from not working out in forever - they wouldn't have to call 911. So now, not only do I see this crew, always grocery shopping at Albertsons - I can catch them all over at the gym.

This guy was there for sure.

As was she.

And here is little ol' me. Well, I guess according to my BMI - obese ol' me. Well just see what we can do about that.
So there you have it. The start of something big for me. Exercising and getting in shape. I'll keep you posted. Wish me luck.

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Jerolyn said...

Best of luck...just think bikini season is right around the corner! whooo hooo