Tuesday, January 22

Laziness WINS!

Bill told me about this stuff - he saw it at Albertsons - Pancake batter in a "whipped cream" dispenser. Shake, squirt, flip, serve. (that doesn't sound good, as I re-read it). Anyhoo. All I could thing of - Oh My God - HOW FLIPPIN' LAZY could I be using THAT stuff.

Ok, so who am I kidding? I don't have time (I don't get up early enough) to make my kids homemade pancakes, and they are addicted to Krusteaz Frozen Mini Pancakes, anyway. So what is the big difference, I ask myself?
So Connor and I are doing a Costco run on Sunday, and low and behold, they are "sampling" these pancakes. They taste pretty darn good! So we, of course, bought the mega-pack - 3 to a package.

So there you have it. Breakfast for the kids this morning. And I didn't get up early. (Damn, my grill looks nasty, dirty in these photos.)


Tutta la Storia said...

You TOTALLY stole my post idea for today!!! How funny!!

Jerolyn said...

I AM SPEECHLESS! What will they come up with next?

Chris said...

What the hell are we all on this blog within 5 minutes this early in the morning?