Thursday, January 3

Keeping It Real

Allison got me hooked on this blog where a woman cooks and photographs all of her creations from start to finish. I enjoy looking at all the yummy and down to earth meals and desserts that she prepares. Here is where she is:

I was even quite impressed with her photography skills and I actually e-mailed her asking a few questions about her camera etc etc. If you navigate her site you can find out lots of great information also.

So, as I check out her site today, and can almost smell the delectable Pot Roast she has prepared, with step by step instructions and photographs, I was thinking - "Gosh, I could do that!!!"

So here is my photo journal of today's lunch for Garrin:

Pull out nice cold bottle of apple juice from the fridge and a can of Hormel Noodle Rings and Chicken out of the pantry.

Take off blue plastic lid and set to the side. Carefully grab onto the metal ring thingy and lift up gently, as to not spill the delicious contents.

Here is what is inside just waiting for us............Mmmmm...

After metal lid has been removed, give a quick stir of the congealed contents of the can, then replace with the pretty blue plastic lid.

Bring over to the microwave that probably hasn't been cleaned inside since the last time your husband scrubbed it. Place inside and press appropriate buttons to "NUKE" for 1 minute. "Remove Carefully As Contents Will Be Hot".

Spoon the entire contents of the aromatic, and scrumptious looking goop into a pretty bowl to make it appear way more enticing than it already does.

That's right....get every last spoonful!

Ahhh, there you have - my masterpiece, my soup-du-jour (I'll have that), my pasta con il pollo, Rachel Ray says - "So Delish".

Garrin just can't wait to get his hands on this meal!!



Tutta la Storia said...

Ree would be sooooo proud! Very well done. I'll be looking for your "Suburbia Woman Nukes" Calendar to come out in 2009!

Jerolyn said...

I like the last photo the best!! Tongue out ready to dig in!!!