Monday, January 28

If it was any other week..

I will admit it right here on the blog. If it was any other week I probably wouldn't be
like I am. Poor Connor has been sick since Wednesday of last week. Not really a big deal at the time. Short week at school. No school Monday or Friday. So he really missed only a couple of days. He has had this never-ending cough, and yes, reaching for my Mother-Of-The-Year award has been quite a stretch these past days. Me yelling at him every 3 minutes, to "PLEASE, PLEASE, try to STOP COUGHING, PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!".

Well, according to the Doctor at the walk-in medical clinic Bill took him to yesterday - he can't stop. Double ear infection and severe throat infection.
S%&t, s%&t, and double s%&t!
Amoxicillin two times a day for 10 days, and Claritin once a day, with a chaser of Delsym cough syrup. Home today, probably home tomorrow.

So Hannah comes down this morning, STUFFY NOSE, tiny cough.
We leave for California on Thursday for Hannah to swim in the Junior Olympics - hence - my frazzled state right now.

Not that I would even consider this, not even for a second, or just one tiny bit, but a friend suggested I screw giving the amoxicillin to Connor and just give it to Hannah.....SHAME ON YOU, MY FRIEND.....SHAME ON YOU....
Check back with me tomorrow, though.....



Tutta la Storia said...

Feel better, Connor. And don't hack on anybody! (Remember, I saw you cough all over that donut that Hannah wanted--and you probably split it with her anyway!)

Banana the swimmer said...

Say feel better to me!!!!