Friday, January 25

If I go to jail, can someone watch my kids?

I shoplifted accidentally, yesterday.

I went to the store I am not naming, you know, in case the manager or the security guy or homeland security or something, reads this - anyhoo. Hannah needed Velcro at school, because she said her pants were falling down - just kidding - her science fair project. So I picked the Velcro up first and then proceeded to buy 6 18x18 pillow inserts (post to follow shortly pertaining to pillows) which I then shoved in the carriage. I then rolled on over to the scrapbooking section and picked up some little scrapbooking supplies (post to follow shortly pertaining to scrapbook). Now if it sounds at all like I am at Joann Fabrics, just put it right out of your mind. With my carriage practically overflowing it was time to check out. I unloaded all the minuscule little scrapbooking doo-dads and then gave the lady one of the pillows, telling her I had 6 total, so I didn't have to take them all out of the carriage. Done - paid - out to the car.

I started shuffling through the bag with all the doohickeys in it looking for the Velcro to take to Hannah's school and it is not in there.

Because it was on the bottom of the carriage under all the pillows!! And in my lack of an extra 5 or 6 hours each day to do what I SHOULD be doing everyday, no time to go back in and 'fess up. So I brought the stolen merchandise to school.

As soon as I got home I went here: and confessed my sin.

Man, I feel better.

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Allison said...

I had my own little crime spree when I was about twelve--I shoplifted some Pez and some Keds from a local store. BUT--I got caught and there was a cop waiting to take me in. I ran (SO STUPID) and realized I dropped my bookbag with my wallet and all my info and had to go back. The cop let me go because I came back. Eeerr . . I don't think my Mom knows about that. Anyhow, as a past unconvicted shoplifter, I would be HAPPY to watch your kids!