Friday, January 11

Calling all publishers...

I am so excited!!!!! I am sharing with you all my first installment of the new parenting book that I am going to write.

This first chapter is dedicated to "How to get your 10 year old to talk nicer" and I have included step by step instructions.

1. Sit down and make a list of your child's close friends, teachers, and sports coaches.

2. Take an afternoon or two, and drive where all these people are, and using a digital camera, take a head shot of each and everyone of them. It is important to have many, many photos.

3. Go home, download all photos, and proceed to enlarge each photo to life size.

4. On heavy stock photo paper print each face out.

5. With a nice sharp pair of scissors, cut out each face. And then be sure to cut out all the eye holes.

6. With a paper punch, punch two holes. Each in the vicinity of the ears.

7. Take a rubber band, cut it so it is a long rubber band now.

8. Tie each end of rubber band to each punched hole.

9. Now pass the "Masks" out to both parents and absolutely to all siblings.

10. Masks should be now worn at all times that 10 year old is present.

.............because I told Connor, that maybe if we wore "faces" that looked like Hannah's friends, teachers or coaches, she wouldn't talk so rude and mean to us all the time. At first glance, she would think we were someone else, and nice.

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