Tuesday, January 8

Buh Bye....


It's been a little while, now hasn't it.

Been sick, and that sucked for sure. But was reading my sister-in-law's blog today ( and there is a poll question about "when will I ever blog again...", so friends, I have been guilted into this. So post-nasal drip and all - here goes...

Well, I guess for sure this has been about 4 days of saying goodbye.

Goodbye to Christmas
Goodbye to 2007
Goodbye to Hannah's blond hair
Goodbye to my festive house
Goodbye to the kids vacation
Goodbye laziness
and hopefully goodbye to this frickin cold I've got.

So the sickness has lingered here and infected each and every one of us. I am typically not the baby here - that would be Bill, I mean Garrin, no I mean Bill. (We all know what happens when the husband gets sick....), but I have felt like total sh&t with this darn cold. And for me (now back ON the hormone replacement therapy) I haven't been sure if I have been hot-flashing or sweating off a fever. Whatever the case - I am nearing the end of this misery. My poor kids have been drowning themselves in Airborne and my little guy has been every so snugly with me. The only part I truly love about Garrin being sick. But we are on the upswing thank heavens!

In the midst of the germs - We have FINALLY de-Christmased the house. Well, almost. I have to take down and box up all the trees still and my entire North Pole Village. Tomorrows job, I guess. I have been checking the mailbox daily - to get the notification of being fined for my decorations still being up outside, from our ever-so-thoughtful-pain-in-my-ass Homeowner's Association. But that hasn't come yet. Much to my surprise because, since this past weekends wind storm, my realistic-looking grazing deer and my twirly whirly lit trees have been strewn all over the front yard. And I certainly didn't feel like cleaning that all up, being sick. WHO AM I KIDDING? I was testing those nice folks from the HOA to see what they would do. Didn't I do that back in November, after Thanksgiving??? Love them!

So yes, Christmas is gone. Boxed up til next year. Now my house looks like a bomb went off. I tend to hate this time too, because after the decorations are all down - my perfectly "well-decorated" home looks to me like it needs a makeover....which it probably doesn't....I just feel like I want new stuff around. I need to get over that, and right quick. I have Spring Jr. Olympics to pay for..........

As for my daughter's hair. Let me remind everyone that she is 10, first off. Wanted "darker" hair. So much to my dismay, had that done over the weekend. I am not crazy about it. She is beautiful, either way, but I felt better when Chris and Allison visited and didn't even notice. Let's keep track of how long it takes before she wants it more blond. Oh, and the 10 year old 'reminder' was to just stress to myself that I didn't/couldn't color my hair until I was 18. I am a sucker.

Much to Hannah's delight, going back to school meant showing off her new "COLOR" to her friends, whom, by the way - ALL noticed. But yes, kids are back. I am admitting here, on my blog, and in print, I miss them. We had a great couple of weeks together. I was sad to see them off yesterday. Garrin misses them most though. He whines and whines and friggin' WHINES when they get home, because he really really wants to play with them. This was a great time for the three of them to bond. And they did. Makes me a proud Mom to say so, too.

So out with 2007 and in with 2008. Had to bring in the new year with a realization that I need to take better care of.....MYSELF. ME. Don't really do that. If you don't believe me, ask Bill. He is always reminding me of how I never do anything to take care of myself or to make myself better (physically.....if it was otherwise - I would have to kick his a$$). Anyway - went for a physical today. Thought I would just get a good 'read' on my health thus far. Went to a new doctor that I actually, really liked. As I sat there, waiting for him to tell me that he is SURE that NOBODY has noticed that I PUT ON 10 pounds, or that my BMI shows me as normal and not OBESE, and that the reason for the weight gain is strictly hormonal, and that the magic pill I need to take is waiting at Walgreens for me to pick up, and that by next week, I will be back in my size 6 jeans that I bought at the Gap that I truly love more than any other article of clothing I own........well.......he didn't say that.

Pretty much goes like this.

He will run all the necessary tests. My thyroid will be fine, my cholesterol will be fine, my triglycerides will be fine. I need to get off my lazy butt and start getting fit. I owe it to my family to put myself first. I need to start exercising 45 minutes per day. Calories in/calories out. I am in my 40's now. I don't have a choice. I will feel better. Sleep better. Love my life better.

SO HERE'S TO 2008. My doctor predicts it will be a good one.


Tutta la Storia said...

Yay! Welcome back! I know a dog that would like to take you for a jog around the neighborhood!

Jerolyn said...

if Bill is a baby when he gets sick~you might enjoy this scene

funny but true!