Friday, January 4

Brings back memories

So my brother gets in a little fender bender today, and it got me thinking, that the way Vegas is, it is a wonder we are all not in a lot more accidents. This of course brings to mind a few of the fender benders I myself have been in.

I thought I would share.

Way back when I drove a LandRover, I was backing out of a space at school, when another mom was doing so also. Well be bashed into each other ever so slightly, but seeing as I had a LandRover and she had an older BMW - her car was creamed, mine was not. So we both got out of the vehicles and exchanged information. Unbenounced to me at the time, because she was being so sickening nice to me (OH, what a beautiful necklace you have on. And me being the shmuck I am - Oh, thank you, so nice of you to notice at a time like this) she had bigger plans for me once she left "the scene". Many of you who know me, know my last name is quite well known in these parts - and she proceeded to try to sue us (me) for backing into her. I find this all so funny now, but it truly sucked at the time. Good thing I had taken photos of the scene, and she was unaware of the fact that my vehicle had backup sensors that would have gone off, if indeed, I backed into HER. Anyway - she had just gotten her vehicle back from the body shop for another accident she had just been in. OH WELL. To that lady - "If I really was who you thought I might be, my kids would be getting driven to private school in a limo, I wouldn't be taking them to public school myself". So there.

Which brings me to accident number 2. First day of school 2006. Now we have the Escalade. Driving the same dang route we have been taking for years now, coming up to a stop light right at the intersection before the turnoff for the school. We stop around a little bend in back of about 7 cars. I look up in my rear view mirror just as a woman comes around the corner doing the speed limit at least - and she bashes right into the back of us. Thank God that Bill was going with us, so he was in the car also. No damage to the Escalade, they tow her truck away. Now I am freaking out, not only because my Escalade got hit, but it's my kids first day of school. I need to get them there. We were already feeling we would have to deal with Connor's Day Back To School Anxiety Issues, but now we are wondering how we are going to get them there on time. Nobody wants to be late on the 1st day of school. As I am waited outside of the vehicle for the police to arrive, I watch EVERYBODY ELSE that goes to school drive right by - WE COULD REALLY USE A LIFT RIGHT ABOUT NOW!!! - I am thinking. So we call a friend to come and get us and I did the only thing I thought was right - I left the scene of the crime. Got the kids to school. The cops told Bill, whom I had left there with Garrin, that I had about 10 minutes to get back to the accident scene. I made it happen. That was a funny joke for a very long time between me and the parents from school - "I thought that was you guys!?!?!" Ha Ha

Now accident number 3 was actually my fault. Hannah and I had just left a swim meet. We were sitting at a red light behind two other cars in the Escalade. I glance up from whatever I was paying attention to, to see the light had turned green, so I stepped on the gas (a little bit) I think. Well the two other cars hadn't started going yet, so I hit the car, which in turn hit the first car. Dammit. We all pull over to an empty parking lot and call the police. In the meanwhile, Hannah is FLIPPING OUT before realizing that the person in the first car, was a rival swimmer from another swim team. Then she stopped freaking out, because now it was funny. I almost "took out" one of her competitors. Since we were just coming from a meet, I had my good camera with me and took a lot of pictures. No damage to the Escalade, a couple of scratches to the first car, and the little pick-up in the middle was all bashed much so that it had to have been in many accidents prior to this one. Long story short, nothing ever came from it, no one put in a claim and most of all............I really try to stay away from that swimming family as much as possible!

Moral of THIS story - Make sure you drive a big ass car or truck.

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