Wednesday, January 9

All That Glitters, Is NOT Necessarily Gold

it is...

1. The fake snow from my North Pole Village that is stuck in Garrin's hair because he helped me put away my Christmas houses today, and which is also static-clinging to everything else in this house.

2. The purple tinsel tree droppings that are in the downstairs bathroom stuck to the back of the toilet and the pedestal of the sink.

3. The gold tinsel tree pieces that are stuck to the dogs paws and the dining room carpet that don't ever seem to vacuum up EVER.

4. The green, red and gold pieces of glitter from the "glittery candle" display I had in the living room that are stuck IN MY SKIN, now that I put them away.

5. The bits and pieces of broken glass balls in the family room carpet, from every time a football, baseball, hockey puck, soccer ball, bat, frisbee, or hockey stick hit the Christmas tree everyday for the past 3 weeks.

6. The de-Christmased mantle in the living room that will forever-be-sparkly now that I took down the white glittered candles, no matter what seasonal display I put up there.

7. The sugary-looking dining room table from the "fake-sugar-effect" I gave my fake pears, and fake grapes and fake apples for holiday decorating.

8. The red glitter from the artificial holiday plants that I potted amongst my non-holiday artificial plants which now look holiday-ish even though the shiny leaves are gone.

9. The synthetic, yet realistic pieces of icicles that fell off of the snowman that was on display outside, that I dragged through the kitchen to put back in the garage under each and every cabinet.

and 10. My entire white stair rail, from tying what was obviously GLITTERY GOLD AND RED ribbon to make it pretty, is now forever speckled.

This makes it so very hard to truly be over the holidays. You know what I mean? I gotta go. I'm itchy.


Jerolyn said...

I too am itchy!

Tutta la Storia said...

I love glitter! Your house will be so sparkly for Valentine's Day!