Wednesday, December 12

What The HELL Is Taking So Long????

I am STILL decorating the house for Christmas. Our party is next Saturday, so why am I not done yet? That would be Garrin.

As I am scurrying around this morning, putting trees here and candles there, I find Garrin in the kitchen. Apparently he went into the garage and got out the watering can. Now what there is to water IN the house I don't know. But here is what I am wondering as I am snapping this shot. How does this kid know A. what a watering can is? and 2. how to get water into it. He can't talk, but he can figure this one out. I don't know.....

That is the little spout for our reverse osmosis water that he is using to fill the can.

So after he was done doing that, I guess he was thirsty because here is what he did because 1. I was ignoring him for most of the morning while I decorated and b. he could pretty much just do it himself since I was now busy taking pictures. Did I say he can't talk yet???


So the day flew by as I continued to decorate the house. I stopped quick to feed Garrin some lunch, but I guess I forgot to get him a drink, because he was thirsty yet again........

I should appreciate the fact that my 2 year old is pretty self sufficient while I am knee deep in whatever it is I do all day.
A little interruption to the day was at 3:00 when it was time to start the daily drive - to school and then to the pool and then back home. Here is how I ran out. Who was going to see me anyway??? For some bizarre reason, I felt like getting Chinese take out............

So here it is the end of the day. The guy who was putting up the outside lights finally came today and here is the finished product. The inside is not quite done yet. I do have 9 more days, right???

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Allison said...

I LOVE the socks and flip flops. Hey--did I tell you that I lost one of my Haviana's on vacation? Argghh! The AGONY!!!