Saturday, December 15

Talk about being stressed out!!!!!!!

hannah and melanie It really is kind of crazy to go to a meet and have your kid seeded in the top 8 - a little added pressure to an already teetering on the edge screaming maniac of a mother on a wet slippery pool deck with a quick re-cap of today. Hannah swam her 200 Freestyle and took off 2 seconds, which we were pretty pleased with. She is NOT, I repeat, NOT a freestyler. So, great swim, for sure. Next she had her 100 IM (4 x 25yards - one of each stroke) - seeded 2nd. Is totally pumped. Feeling good. Gets up on the blocks. "TAKE YOUR MARK....(horn blows)...." Hannah slips on the little metal plate with the lane number, does a pike dive (if she was in a diving event would have scored a perfect 10), and pretty much kisses the bottom of the pool. So by the time she finally came up after seeing how deep the pool was, to begin her butterfly, she was pretty much dead last out of 10 lanes. Long story short - she caught up slightly, taking 4th place over all. Needless to say - it was not one of my calmer moments, cheering on my daughter. Last event for her today - 200 Freestyle Relay, with 3 other girls. They actually broke the NV state record last month and DROPPED ANOTHER SECOND, today!!! Way 2 Go!!

Now to the STRESSFUL part of my day.

Bill entered the Scorpions in a 3 vs 3 soccer tournament, which started today. They were playing 3 other same-age-group teams, for championship. Typically they play 4 vs 4, on a bigger field, 20 minute period, 10 minute break, and a second 20 minute period. Today is was 3 vs 3, smaller field, 10 minute period, 2 minute break, 10 minute period.

Bill, having high expectations for the team because they were undefeated this year, was a bit nervous, a bit excited, a bit anxious. This was not a (read this in a sing-songy type of way) lets have a good time, boys, and go out there and have some fun today. It was more like a (read it like you mean it) when went this whole flippin season undefeated and we are not out here in the cold all day today to do anything other than win ALL FOUR GAMES. So there you have it.

The games started while Hannah and I were at the pool. Unfortunately we missed the first three games, but I was able to see the final, playoff game.

Let me just say - a 10 minute period goes by incredibly fast - holy soccer balls! And the opposing team was not giving up that easily. In the end we scored the only and winning goal of the game. It is a wonder that all us parents, Bill and his assistant coach Jaime, did not ALL get red carded, be were all way crazier than I ever could be on the pool deck! Whoooooo. I can't take that kind of stress - well I guess we will have to - the boys are in a championship playoff in January - dang it.

Here is my beautiful Connor with his 1st place medal!!!!

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