Sunday, December 9


It is the end of the weekend - end of the week. Yup, just realizing that there are just two weeks left before Christmas. This past week was full - getting to watch James and Garrin. Did I once say that I might enjoy having twins?? Two babies are hard....(er). But it was fun. James got to spend one last night with us. We took a bunch of pictures of the kids today.

Here is Garrin, who is not the morning person like James is. He is helping Bill with the pancake mix. I asked him to smile for the camera, and being true to form and not doing anything when he doesn't want to (sound like Connor at all??) - he wouldn't. So then I asked him to show me his teeth. Here you go:

Then I said, "Please, don't eat the raw batter..." and here you go:
Sure, now he smiles.
So James is sweet, but is SWEETEST when he first wakes up. He just got up in this photo.

And here he is after his first beer of the day:

James had such a good week here at our house. We showed him how to use non-washable markers, eat jelly and butter sandwiches, climb up and down the stairs whenever he feels like it, once he let us know he knows the "sss" sound, we taught him a curse word, we watched football instead of Sesame Street, we jumped from the coffee table to the couch, he enjoyed hitting Garrin on the head with a hockey stick and a hairbrush, and screamed like I was cutting his limbs off with a dull butter knife, while I bathed him. We also made him pose for silly photos with beer cans. Fun, all around.

Lastly, tonight, after many, many attempts at getting a picture for our Christmas cards, we tried one last time. (refer to earlier note on Garrin not doing anything when I want him to). So here is a preview of our experience in getting the perfect shot:

This photo was so funny - that we actually thought for a split second that we might choose this one.
So, I came up with the bright idea of tempting Garrin with the gosh-darned BINKIE, figuring that maybe he would get in a better mood. So Bill would pop it in his mouth real quick, and then pop it back out so I could get a shot. Doesn't he look like he is just in heaven - "ohh, ohh, just a couple of sucks. ohhh yeahhhh".

Be on the lookout for the phoniest of all Christmas poses when you get our cards, folks.
So that's all for now. Looking forward to finishing up the decorating, getting the shopping done, baking some cookies with the kids, planning Christmas dinner etc etc. Oh and lets throw in one of the biggest swim meets of the year Friday, Saturday and Sunday this week for Hannah, and an all-day Three vs. Three soccer tournament for Connor on Saturday.


Tutta la Storia said...

Jeez . . . at least make it a Newcastle! UGH! Not Miller Lite! Oh, and I thought I heard s-h-!-t loud and clear last night. Isn't that why going to your aunt and uncle's house is always so much fun!

Gini said...

How many years have I been saying to Chris that I would get back at him someday? Wait 'til he has a kid. How old is Hannah? Oh, yeah - 10 years.

Banana the swimmer said...

u didnt put the 1 w/ garrin screaming