Wednesday, December 5

SCATTERGORIES's harder than it looks! .

My friend did this on her blog - how fun!!!!!

*Use the 1st letter of your name to answer each of the following... *they have to be real places, names, things...nothing made up! You CAN'T use your name for the boy/girl.

1. What is your name? Gini

2. 4 letter word: Gone

3. Vehicle: Gas-Guzzlin' Expedition (too many words??)

4. City: Georgia

5. Boy Name: Garrin

6. Girl Name: Gina

7. Alcoholic drink: Gin

8. Occupation: Go-Go dancer

9. Something you wear: G-string, Garter...(can't think of anything normal)

10. Celebrity: George Clooney

11. Food: Grinder (for those not from the east coast - sub, hoagie, etc etc)

12. Something found in a bathroom: Gel

13. Reason for Being Late: Gas Gauge on empty

14. Cartoon Character: Goofy

15. Something you shout: GoshDarnit(in many different forms, some of which also begin with G - I am going to hell for sure)

16. Animal: Golden Retriever

17. Body part: Gluetus Maximus

18. Word to describe you: Genuine


Jerolyn said...

I think 18 should be the same answer as 14 !!!

Jerolyn said...

Your elfs are hillarious! Especially CONNER! Too funny. I have been playing this for Far to long this week! We watched yours several times!