Saturday, December 29

S%&T that pisses me off

I go into a local bagel shop this morning to get the kids some bagels, because there is nothing but Christmas cookies, wine, unrefrigerated cheese and some bad ass crackers from a gift basket, left here for breakfast. Hannah just spent 2 hours working out and Connor is on his way home from an hour long soccer practice. Thought a couple of nice warm cimannin (as the kids say) bagels, cream cheese and chocolate milk would be a good kick start to today.

Any locals here - the bagel shop is Big Apple Bagels. I know some of you who like this place. I was one of those people. They make a darn good bagel.


I walk up to the counter with 2 chocolate milks and a tub of cream cheese. As I set the items on the counter, I noticed the expiration date on the top of the milks - SELL BY DEC 28. Ok - so that was yesterday. I go back to the little cooler to check on the 3 others - another sell by Dec 28th and 2 Sell By Jan 05. So I grab the newer ones bringing them to the counter to purchase. When the 'nice girl behind the counter who should be grateful she has a good job for a good company' came over - I tell her that the two milks have yesterday's sell by date on them. She brings them over to 'some guy who also should give two craps about the good job he has' and tells him about the date. She then comes back over and says -

"That is just the Sell By date. That doesn't mean it is bad."

Because I gave them to her and I needed her to argue some point with me? What the hell is that supposed to mean - that is just the "Sell By" date? I didn't see anywhere on that label that said

1. give or take a couple of days or

2. sell by Dec 28 of freaking 2008

And isn't a SELL BY date geared toward the friggin' SELL-ER?? To let the SELL-ER know when to take the s%*t off the shelves??

In this case - it is just an instance of people who just don't give a s#$t about anything. They would have felt perfectly OK with selling the milk to some shmuck who didn't happen to see the date on it.

That just ticks me off. In a perfect world, she would have just taken the milk, said "Sorry, we didn't notice the date on it" and then shut her mouth.
But no.


Jerolyn said...

Maybe it should say
'Sell before the entire contents come out in one solid foul smelling chunk'

I hope you called a manager or something~that's sick.

Jerolyn said...

ps I told Darin about that and he said "uh ya the sell by date DOES mean it's bad, and it IS their responsibility to take it off the shelves"

Anonymous said...

the sell by date doesnt mean its bad...its actually good for another 7 days...the sell by date means that is when they are SUPPOSED to take it off the shelves...they can send it to a shelter give it to the homeless feed it to dogs or pigs or use it for cooking...there is nothing wrong with it...theyre just supposed to remove it to avoid FRIVOLOUS bushie law suits

Jerolyn said...
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Jerolyn said...

FRIVOLOUS bushie law suits??? ummmmmm like getting sick from drinking SOUR milk perhaps??? There are valid reasons they stamp the SELL BY date on dairy products~. If it isn't SOLD by that date, retailers are supposed to PULL IT FROM THEIR SHELVES. I do however stand corrected...It may not be bad just yet, but it is well on it's way to Stinkville ~

Just for fun I looked this up on the National Dairy Council's web page...
Q. How long can you keep milk after the "sell by" date?
A. If properly cared for, milk generally stays fresh for 2 to 3 days after the "sell by" date.

Interestingly though no where did I read on the web page that AFTER the sell by date it's perfectly FINE to feed to the homeless or pigs or dogs??? Although I haven't asked, I will venture to guess that just because people are homeless or staying in a shelter doesn't necessarily mean they enjoy drinking expired milk! I could be wrong though...

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